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  1. I'm not sure if this was already posted, excuse me if it is But the ability to post a link from twitch and it embeds and plays like a YouTube video Twitch: 1. Embed a Stream and chat 2. Embed a Videos Ability to embed a Video link from Vid.me Yes i know that there are apps in the marketplace for this......but think of the little guys who dont have the money yet to buy a $65 app, or $40 to buy a app For the ones dont like messing with having to set up a database/template This would be good for those, even me (i have the $65 one & the $40) But some would like to just post stuff in Forums for educational, tutorial, or for just quick posting For the 4.3 version
  2. Like G2A website has Where were can make Bundles, and have those sold at the price we wont, as long as the key in DB...not API A Gamer crate can also hold stuff from Commerce store So a example Gamer Crate: 1. 2 DB Games 2. A shirt from -Commerce 3. a game card-DB 4. Controller grips-Commerce All in one Bundle called a Gamer Crate Or another way to look at it is what Humble Bundle.com has @Spanner
  3. @Spanner Can you also think about adding Gamer Crates
  4. Totally Awesome Our Community is super Excited for the new Version, and know that it will only make our Community and site better! Thx IPS
    100 star rating for this application! Highly recommend this app and author and all of their Files here on IPS Awesome work @tsdevelopment
  5. Thank you soooo!!! Much @tsdevelopment i can't thank you so much for the awesome update
  6. Yes, i agree with that too! lol, if you go to his site, you see me, i have filled his suggestion thread up with Tons of stuff..you might want to go there and post too, anything will help keep the word going, ya know
  7. ahh, i see your point But i have to give @Spanner some credit here, these new updates he just put in for us, it has some of the features you're talking about But you are right, it does need more Commerce work I believe that he is coming back around to new add ons soon I'm with you though and agree!
  8. @Bluedrake42 do you have this "app"? I'm not sure what you mean by your post? I have this app and it works with Commerce Are you referring to Commerce in a different way?
  9. WOW! This is great, and needed for us little ppl that are still learning how to better our Communities! Thx @Rikki
  10. @TAMAN The facebook part is still not updating? Any help or suggestions??
  11. @TAMAN For some reason the Facebook part is not updating, it still shows the one post i made on the page, and hasn't updated since Ran support tool, and have cleared browser cache
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