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  1. My fast-fix in view.php for use-case for my community: /** * Make a member a leader * * @return void */ /*...cut...*/ /* MAX Leaders 2 */ $leaders = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'member_id', 'core_clubs_memberships', array( 'club_id=? AND status=?', $this->club->id, \IPS\Member\Club::STATUS_LEADER)); if(count($leaders) > 2){ \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'no_module_permission', 'LEADERS/LIMIT', 403, '' ); } /*...cut...*/ /** * Make a member a moderator * * @return void */ /*...cut...*/ /* MAX Moderators 4 */ $moderators = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'member_id', 'core_clubs_memberships', array( 'club_id=? AND status=?', $this->club->id, \IPS\Member\Club::STATUS_MODERATOR)); if(count($moderators) > 4){ \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'no_module_permission', 'MODERATORS/LIMIT', 403, '' ); } I hope that in the next version, there will be a setting for Administrators in Admin panel where we can limit the number of leaders and moderators for the club through the UI. PS: If thinking logically, Everyone understands that if 1000 users in the club, 500 can be leaders, and 500 moderators. It's a mess.
  2. I'm not working with blogs. This topic is not about that.
  3. You can limit the number of leaders and moderators in the file view.php the path /applications/core/modules/front/clubs
  4. Hello, I ask You to add an independent language resource for the menu item "Topics", which is represented in the screenshot. This is necessary in order to make the correct translation of this function into other languages. In particular Russian.
  5. Hello, I ask you to provide a setting in CP that will forbid the user join to the club, if he is already in the club. OR Make the setting in the CP, where the Administration will be able to specify, in what quantity of clubs a user can be.
  6. Hello, Please add settings in CP for the forum Administration could limit the number of Leaders and Moderators in the clubs.Today, all club members can become admins and/or moderators. This is not acceptable. We don't need trolls. This is an additional work load on the Administration, which is to enforce the rules.
  7. Hello, I ask to add a setting in the CP, which, at the discretion of the administration will not allow the send invitations from the clubs to forum members. For some communities, uncontrolled sending invitations can become a spam problem. Accordingly, it is an additional burden on the administration of the entire community.
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