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  1. Nope - never touched the language strings in any shape or from. I'll try your patch to fix the problem. Thank you.
  2. Sure, it did the same after an uninstall and a fresh install with no configuration changes.
  3. @Miss_B thank you for making the changes I asked for - perfect ! One issue I found - I don't think it's my settings. The Pie Chart is not showing group names. The Blue should be Members. The Red should be New Members.
  4. Ah ha ! Thank you - did not know that happened - well at least you know I brought it ! 🙂
  5. @Miss_B just brought, it looks like it installed and older version as I am not seeing the Excluded Groups option - is that turned on elsewhere please ?
  6. Thank you - as promised, now I purchase. 🙂
  7. Then you have an instant purchase - could I ask - please just drop a like on this when the new version is out so I know and I'll be buying. Thank you. Oh and while I am here, your Multiple Accounts Detector is working very well. It's caught nothing new as I was always due diligant and did it by hand on new members - but - it 100% matched what I had found. That application is going to save me a LOT of time over the course of a year as it sits away in the background. Great work on that on as well.
  8. Hi There, I would like to configure what groups can be seen on the PieChart. There are some group names for areas that are no concern to the members and are badges and such. So if we could have a dropdown that listed what groups to include in the member list, for example "duplicate accounts" group I would deselect so that is not shown. That way I control what groups are shown that list members and represented in the pie chart - so I can have all the groups if I choose, or just simply a couple of them. Thank you.
  9. Hi All, I am not sure if what I am asking is actually possible - but here goes. When a user uploads a download, there is automatic notification that goes into the forum as new post as per below. Is there anyway ( or any module ) can't fine one, that would also post to Twitter at the same time that anybody is aware of ? Many thanks.
  10. Ah damn. Ok, if you do make a change to this - please drop me a PM to let me know, you've got an instant sale then. Thank you. 🙂
  11. Is it possible to control what groups are viewable in terms of what populates the Memberlist ? For example - I have a lot of groups that are secondary and won't want them listed and looking at your Pie Chart, I'd want to configure that to say four out of the ten groups I have on my site. Thank you.
  12. Hiya, Thank you. I've spent the past 30 mins messing and really can't see what bit - if you do get a chance at some point ot post the change, I'd really value it. Thank you. ..,which did work ! 🙂 Thank you both very much.
  13. Good Morning All, Can anyone advise on how to remove this please ? I don't want the primary group showing on the post tab to the left. Thank you for any help given. 🙂
  14. Confirmed for certain, on one theme it's not showing up here... ...what should I manually edit ? Thanks. Created a new theme and the problem went away. 🙂
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