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  1. Hi, just bought your Classifieds. Im using your Version 1.2 Invision Community v4.3.6 and the deafult theme. There is a few things that is not working correct on my site. 1; When a user follow an advert. And when the user go in to his account to see what he follows. On ''Manage Following Content On'' the advert is visible in the follow section of adverts but the advert picture is missing. Se picture. followed/?type=classifieds_advert&change_section=1 2; If a user add one of the advert in to his wishlist. Then he click his Account ---> My wishlist. A pop up will come and there is selected option but nothing to do with this selected option. Just a selected option but nothing else. Se picture. 3; When a user add an offers to one seller the seller does not receive any information about the offers on email or nothing. 4; Missing language string when hover the mouse on section Featured on URL /classifieds/ 5; When a user want to look what offers he have made, he clicks Account ---> My offers. There is theme error. 6; When a user add a new advert and does not pay for advert. The advert goes in pending and only visible to Administrators of the site. When Admin creat an invoice for this advert so the user can pay later to make the avert visible on the classifieds pages there is a missing images from the advert. When the user clicks to view the full invoice in his latest Orders and click to view the invoice. See picture below. There is no advert image.
  2. In the future i think it's better to show how many members that are online at the moment. That will give exact information for people that are visting the site. And i think more easy for selling ads on the site. Many people knows that IPS counting system is just a fake and the admin easy can set the count to 100 000 most online or what ever he want. So please change and remove this counter and show how many are online at the moment instead.
  3. Mine doesn't seem to be working or do i have to manually add more when i see there are more people on the site. That doesn't make sense if that is the case. Mine is set to 3 and never move so i raise it to 4 but nothing happened. I have more guest online when this at same time. Doesn't guests include in this or it just logedin members that counts? Is it possible to just disable this counting on most online user so it not visible on the site. I want have the latest member and how many register members there are on the site but disable this counting on most online.
  4. Hi, after the update to v4.2.5 i got 2 default theme. What theme should I use on the frontend? What theme is the newest? I have Default and IPS default
  5. I have open a support ticket with access to my site.
  6. To make sure that it wasn't wrong with my files, so uploaded new files today. But still if i go to my old admin i redirects to my new admin URL. In my old Admin folder i have the same files as i have in my new folder. I have look in my new admin folder and the same files are in there. I did use my FTP to view them and i can't see any hidden files in there. I even tried a site speed test to see if the same problem was there. And it is.
  7. Hi, I have check my constants.php and my new admin is there. I have check my .htaccess and no redirects. Strange I think
  8. Before i did change my /admin url to a /new_folder That went fine before and i remember i tested to surf to my admin folder to se what happened. I allso set up a fake index.php i the old admin folder. But today when i trying again to test the old admin folder i redirects to my /new_folder. I have not add any redirect url to my /new_folder. That have been very stupid i think of me. I have check my .htaccess and no redirects are in there. So how come now suddenly it redirects from my old /admin folder to my /new_folder? So where is the redirect. i cant find any, and i havent set up any. Is that something wrong in the script now. After some upgrades? Any one else tested there old admin folder URL to see what happened? Please let me now how to fix this. Very strange.
  9. Very strange that no one want help here. There must be more people out there that have download files and only let register member to download. If you have then Google can't search them and you will have a lot of Denied access (403) in your Google webmaster tools. I'm not sure if Google will punish you or me later on. But if you have like me several of thousand document for download there will be a lot of error report in Google webmaster tools. Invision staff told me to ask here, i did, but no response. But the only thing i wanted to know what to add in my robots.txt any one can help here. Sorry for bad English.
  10. Hi, In my Google webmaster tools i get many error not sure if Google maybe later will punish me for this but the problem is. I have a lot of download documents but guest cant download them only members. So in my Google webmaster tools i get many error not sure if Google maybe later will punish me for this but the problem is. Google can't search the download documents or the download button. Google search like a guest. Is there a way to stop google from crawling this? Maybe add something in my robots.txt? Hope someone can help me with this one.
  11. Yes i did add a ticket today. See what they say. But very disappointed. I been working so hard the almost 5 moths now and i was think to let the site live in a few weeks from now but now see that the links in my read more embed links to my news article is almost dead. The will no redirect back to the news article like it did before. So much work for nothing.
  12. Hi, after some of your updates now to 4.2 i get some problem with embed links My site is using pages instead of forum. I write news articles in pages and upload .pdf documents to these news articles but to keep them together i have to embed the news article like read more link in to the download document. There i get problem now. Let say i have upload some document realated to these news article that users can download if they want. I want them to see the embed link in these download document. But the embed link is changing when i add the link in to the document to embed at the end. And it will not redirect to the news article like it did before. Now it only redirect to a popup page that show the embed. Not good now i think. Someone else have these problem. Before it work fine but now i can't add an embed link in to a download document in to a news article page. NOTE i'm not talking about embed to forum. Don't have forum. Am using pages instead. The embed link changes in to this at the end /?do=embed and will not redirect to the news article page i want. It just popup now. Before it work fine but now after this update to 4.2 it's a disaster. I have almost 1000 links that are destroyed now. Am i doing something wrong here? Do i need to do something to keep the links like the was before that they redirect to the right news article like i want. No to a embed pop up. Sorry for bad English. Hope you understand what i'm trying to tell here.
  13. Yes! After i change to new image i can not see the original image. Thanks for the help.
  14. My site is stil under construction. Can't give a link yet. But here is example of the image i get now. I still can see the old thumb under the image. .
  15. Hi, I tried this but the picture did not end up in the right place. I had to use this example. .ipsNoThumb { background: url(/thumb/image.jpg); background-size: 100%; } But I can still see the old image shine through. It would be great if i could change the image in the admin panel in the future instead.
  16. Hope someone can help me understand this? When i add a file by URL, will it upload, save it to my server? If i upload let say 2 file by URL to a package i can see whole URL when i start download the file. But when i upload just one file by URL to the source URL is hide. But the problem if i start to charge for the file and i upload the file to a package and someone buy to download the file he or she can see the source from where the file is from. And the buyer can then use the source URL to give to a friend for free. If i use a file hosting like google drive or some other file hosting company they will see the source URL.
  17. Maybe your files was better then my files.
  18. I could't see any error just the pages have to reload and it took long time. No need to bee hard to me. I just tell and i have open a ticket to show pictures about this. I tried 2 different browsers and i have very fast internet fiber home. So what can i tell? I think it has to be how fast server i have. I'm on a shared hosting. Not live site yet. But if it has to reload more then 233 pages its a big install now.
  19. I can't be some new error or something because i made several new installation and they are the same. Look at my ticket. I think the installation process before was smoth and fast but now you need a very fast server to kep this script going. And what can i tell about the speed. It's so slowly now if i compare to 5 moths ago. If i will pay for a new update every 6 moths. No i will not. Maybe every year if the script will be so difficult to run on a shared hosting.
  20. I just made a new installation on Version and toke me almost 1 hour. 5 months ago on same hosting and server the installation toke me 1-3 minutes. Now the installation have to reload more then 233 pages before it's complete. On several pages it crash and i have to reload the page to keep going. What a nightmare.
  21. Hi, but how to set the days for the membership. I want the membership to end after 30 days. If they don't pay an extended period of 30 days they should be move to default standard member group. Right now the member is stil on the secondary group Premium and i cant figure out where is the setting for expire after 30 days. Or do i have to transfer the member back to standard member group manually? Anyone can help me out here.
  22. Hi, yes i'm using the commerce. And i have set the settings same as you. But still the member is still on the second member group Premium. I was hoping for them to move down to default standard member after 30 days. So the Renewals is the setting to set the expire and return the members to default standard as for my members? But is my settings down here right on Renewals?
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