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  1. Thank you, great to hear. Glad you back. Keep up the good work and everyone here will be happy.
  2. Please explain what a fake customer is? Do you mean paying customer? If that is the case, how can a paying customer with a license of your classified app be a fake customer?
  3. Hi, just bought this. I have one question. My settings is hide everything (Hide all content) to all. But if I do so, I was hoping for guest should be able to view the profile. But now if a guest click any member username he will be able to see the replie post from the members here in www.my-domain/profile/username that is hide in the forum. Do I need to hide the profile from the guests now, to make this to work? Are there any settings that I need to do to hide the replie posts here?
  4. That function hasen't been working for a long time. I have pointed this out to the owner of the app but with no respond.
  5. I have try the 4.4 beta 3 and can see that i have the same problem. To run the support tools did not help. I only have the default theme with no modifications. [[Template classifieds/front/view/view is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] And i also wonder if the feature post an advert as a guest will be working on next update? Should be nice!
  6. 4.4 is only Beta. Not sure what to answer here yet. Please make 4.4 release first!
  7. Just wonder! Because in the last 3 years the updates have been regular, not more than 2 months between the updates. Pay for 6 months is cheap if you have only the forum app but if you have all the apps the upgrade for 6 months is not cheap. If less updates, i asume it not worth to upgrade every 6 month. Now we been waiting for almost 4 months. The only thing we get is blog news.
  8. Version 4.4.10


    Svensk översättning för v4.4+ Swedish translation for v4.4+ Framsidan är komplett översatt. Admin är delvis översatt men uppdaterar regelbundet. Lagt ner många dagar och timmar på denna översättning. Demo Translated Apps. Det som är översatt är. System Commerce Forums Clubs Pages Gallery Downloads Calendar


  9. Hi, i can help you to do something simular. In your member ---> group setting ---> adverts settings you can allow your free members only to post one advert in one week. Or one each day. No need to use the package for this. i'm glad to help. Hope this can help u.
  10. Hello! I been working on my classifieds a while now. But something is missing here to make this Classifieds to be great. The classifieds system now is ok but there is no search alternativ for location on the ads. Let say you have 1000 ads and you want to se ads near you in your city. Thats not possible. The only way to do that is to force the user to write the location on the description or title. The location, City, State today on the adverts is not searchable or clickable to find similar adverts in same location you live in. I suggest the developer to improve this so users on a big site can find adverts in same are they live in. Today that is not possible. Or maybe there is a way to do this but i can't find the settings. Please tell me how to do this?
  11. Hi, i noticed one other problem. When i tested how it look like if guest have permission to post an advert but that function does not seem to be working. On Member group setting for guest and allow guest to post an advert is not working. Not sure if i'm doing right but can't find any other setting to allow guest to post than this setting.
  12. I don't think the seller can see the invoice. If the seller is in a member group he don't have acces to Admin CP. If you use the Commerce integration and have Transactions enable all the transaction will be handle by your payment handler. So you have make sure the buyer pay the invoice i think. If any one else have a better answer please let me know.
  13. We can hope that the developer will update Classifieds to this later on so it will work on IPS 4.3. But there is one other option to have Member store. There is one plugin in the market here by @TheJackal84 i think that have this option.
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