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    RaZor Edge got a reaction from TAMAN in Behemoth Theme   
    This theme is just fantastic. You can easily modify it according to your preference. The support provided by Taman is above all expectations. Updates are made quickly. I had a particular need for modification and Taman was pleased to offer me a solution that very well met my needs.

    You can't go wrong buying this theme. 5 stars!
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    RaZor Edge got a reaction from TAMAN in IPSkit.com Theme Copyright Removal   
    A must when using TAMAN's Theme!
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    RaZor Edge reacted to TimTheMiles in 🌌 Surface Dark   
    Probably the best IPS 4 Theme Available!
    A Few weeks back I was in talks with this Developer about designing us a Custom Theme, and they were quick to tell me they were in the process of designing this. So I patiently waited and could not be happier with the final product!
    Also the developer has continued to stay in contact with me and allow me to add my two cents on what Features can be made available
    5 out of 5 stars for sure!
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    RaZor Edge got a reaction from Ilya Hoilik in Friendly URL Translit   
    Works great on IPS 4.1.17! Thank you!
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