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  1. If Anton decides to write his personal information as content in a post we are required to remove it. How... Noone knows yet. C will not apply as long as it does NOT say "originally posted by Anton" & D does not apply as they are doing something outside our control, especially AFTER the deletion request. "Edited 2 hours ag by Anton" IS our responsibility - And quotes that do exist at the time of the delete request are as well.
  2. On the subject of deletion. Does 4.3.3 fix the issue with quotes and edits present in earlier versions? Example: A user named Anton posts something, he later edits the post (it now contains 'Edited by Anton' in the bottom), a second user named Bertha quotes Anton's post and gets a post which contains "2 hours ago, Anton said:" Anton now wants to be deleted. His account is now called 'Guest' and the content stays. How is the "edited by Anton" in the bottom of the first post, and the "2 hours ago, Anton said:" in Bertha's post handled? Both clearly identifies Anton as Anton as should (according to our legal counseling) be removed to be compliant. Is the option to "delete and rename" available through the API?
  3. I will surely see some trolling by users reporting stuff over and over, and probably some very thin-skinned users being offended by everything. Is there a way to ignore/disregard all reports made by certain users, or users in certain (to them invisible) groups?
  4. OK? And if both Alice and Bob has replied to the same topic since my last visit this topic is only listed once? It is not super easy to test ;-)
  5. Sorry for necro-posting. But nothing seems to have happened in 6+ months? It is still not possible to create a stream that shows a list of topics (only topics, not individual posts) with new content since my last visit. With the amount of traffic and content we receive having the same topic show up in the stream each time a member posts in it, destroys the overview of the AS and makes it useless. Are there any plugins out there that creates the functionality where I get a "list of topics with new posts since my last visit, where each topic only shows once even if 50 people posted new replies in it"?
  6. It would be nice to be able to send a test version of all the generated mails the system can produce since the templates are a mess of inlined styles etc. (I know they have to be to make HTML emails work). It is rather difficult to get them styled properly without a template breaking the wrapper and vice versa
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