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  1. i talked to my host he said Dear Mr Jack, Thank you very much for your message. Please note that this site is hosted on your VPS M (48.89.180.***). we also checked your other websites and found out that they are loading properly. After checking your VPS via SSH and VNC, we were able to see that your VPS ran out of memory several times. It is caused by the following file: /home/sopxhe/public_html/index.php It causes 100% CPU usage on one core and around 5GB RAM usage. We therefore suspended this account within WHM to let you analyze this php script in detail.
  2. Hello everyone i need help i don't know why my index.php is taking too much cpu and ram memory can someone will help me to fix that i have ipb 4.2.7 installed Regards
  3. Move guest post(s) to Registered user how can i do this ? IPB4 latest any idea ? reply here
  4. I have an Error in Chatbox Can someone tell me how to fix it check on image error Sorry, there is a problem You don't have permission to chat. Error code: 2BIMCB101/2
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