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  1. guess i should download the whole folder using cli remote access and just overwrite the folder..
  2. My forum is running on Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk. But as you know when you update, you usually deploy the whole local project files as one big file. So, when I change settings on the server(EB), the changes are lost when I deploy a new version. So if it is possible, I would like to kinda download the changed settings(?) to also apply the changes to my local settings. Or if there's any other way please let me know.
  3. that's perfect!! please proceed!!!!
  4. I'm looking for ways to retrieve search result outside the suite from existing application. Is there any way I can get search result outside the suite? It would be ideal if there's a REST API for that, but I couldn't find it yet.
  5. If there's a REST API for that it will be really useful! I'm currently looking for workarounds like FlitterKill. I really need this function in the API.
  6. Yes I did. I pushed esc key by mistake during the redirects and could see the whole URL! When internet connection is bad/server is unstable, you may stay longer than you thought in the blank page during redirect. It's not an HTTP request, but a chain of redirects when it's cross login.
  7. I'm using IPS Connect, connecting between my existing php website and lPS Platform, and while implementing the Cross Login to accept the cross login call, I think I found a little security problem. So, if what I know is right(please tell me if I'm wrong), you will set login session values when you receive a cross login request. But there's a chance that the user might catch the URL for cross logins while they redirect, which can be abused very easily. Like, if you change the 'id' parameter, the user will be able to login with other ids right away. I think there's a big chance I might have understood the whole concept of IPS Connect wrongly, so please let me know which part is wrong.
  8. I want to integrate IPS Community with an existing php website(as a part of my existing website) which already has its own user system. I connected it with IPS Connect, so the registration and login is integrated, but I want the users to just register at the registration page of existing website, because it can be a bit confusing if there are two separate registration pages with different layouts.
  9. I haven't fully analyzed the IPS source code, but I need to redirect the registration page to a custom url right now. How can I redirect a certain page to another? Any suggestions? Like, add some line in which method in which file, etc. Please help.
  10. I'm trying to use IPS Connect to make the user login to IPS from external app. Login shows correct response when I put right informations in the form, but when I check the website it is not logged in. So I tried cross login, but it did not work. I used cURL functions to send Http Requests. When I try to cross login, the response is : " There was an error processing your login request at one of the sites in our network. " How can I deal with this..? any idea/?
  11. I'm integrating my IPS suite and my existing codeigniter app. They are on same server and domain, but IPS Suite's base url is a subdomain. I am trying to use IPS Connect to share login with Master IPS application by HttpRequest. I checked the successful response in my existing website, but when I access to my IPS Suite I found that it didn't affect the IPS suite(=no login in IPS). Btw, I changed the cookie domain in constants.php to share login status, and wonder if this affected this. Have any idea what's wrong?
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