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    pr0chu reacted to TheJackal84 for a file, Members Shop Codes n Vouchers   
    This application will add a codes n vouchers extension to the members shop app, you can use this for any code or voucher like steam codes, online gaming codes etc
    Create unlimited categories to store the codes or vouchers in Create unlimited codes or vouchers Create a new shop item allowing members to buy the code or voucher When creating this item you will select a category what you have created, and each time the item is redeemed it will generate a code from that category Once the item is redeemed the user will automatically receive a PM with the code or voucher attached As soon as the item is redeemed and the code is generated the code will be removed from the category You can not set more stock then the codes available in the selected category, if you do select more stock then codes available, then it will just set to stock to the amount available automatically Adds a new tab to the members shop in the ACP showing all the redeemed codes or vouchers Requirements to use this app
    Members Shop 2.0.0 or above
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