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    Will course theme problems, not working on most popular adblockers eg: Brave. Nice little tool but not really fit for purpose as it blocks only a very SMALL amount of adblockers. Would give more stars but ONLY when author will imporve the plugin.
  1. Its not visible for users on the post.... so when someone gives an reaction the person who cannot use it does not see it on the post....
  2. Ok thanks for the info waiting for the update
  3. Nothing, just saying that the options must be there, of a language for.those.is there but even on IPS theme cannot see it.
  4. Got the same settings turned on as you checked the language pack the language is there but I only have send invitation.
  5. See even when I have this turned on those options don't show 😕
  6. Yeah but how to exchange them?
  7. Does the X content for 1 Invitation work on eny content, or just topics? Also in section Member Shop how does the option Pay Points work?
  8. You know the items in the store, when you click redeem, nothing is happening, after refreshing the page, item is gone.
  9. In the new update how to go back to the old popups as your new ones don't work with my theme?
  10. Hello, Just downloaded and set it up but one of the features I do not really like how can I move the points count under the User's Group? @Edit, there might be a bug on this as the person who gets points for reciving reaction does not show on the weekly/monthly/yearly Top Points, only on all time one..
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