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  1. great, i'm in when stripe is supported
  2. Are there plans for integrating Stripe? Thanks
  3. I have a hosted IPB, how can I install this great plugin? I can only upload xml files. thanks for help!
  4. Hi, i am thinking about purchasing. I tried RSS import from default IPB but it is not satisfying. When applying a RSS feed for a YouTube channel, what does it actually post in the newly created topic? I need it to post the Title of video and also inserting the youtube URL to the video so that it automatically creates a video in the IPB topic. is that possible? thanks
  5. Hi, i just purchased and installed the plugin. I have 2 questions: 1) where do i find the license key? didnt get any by mail. 2) when batch syncing i get following error: array(1) { ["email"]=> NULL } is this related to not having a license key? thanks for help!
  6. how would i get 2 forums then 2 different IG streams?
  7. Can the slider be customized? Also I would need different Instagram feeds for different forums/subforums. can this be added please? Then i'm in
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