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  1. Hello, In current version, I can not add other share links, like WeChat, WeiBo, QQ, RenRen, which are popular in China. Hope the share links could be customizable.
  2. Hello, I remembered I saw it somewhere but couldn't find it. What's the recommended system requirements of 4.0? php, mysql, ioncube loader, zend loader, php accelerator, etc. Thanks!
  3. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    Sounds great. But as for the sample "一、二、三" I am afraid it's Chinese.
  4. It seems loading very slow, other pages than Client Area load normally. btw, does IP.Content contain some content which need something like an online autherization with IPS? My IP.Content sometimes open very fast and sometimes open very slow but other app like blog and gallery, etc, always open fast. When IP.Content page loaded very slow and finally loaded, the page seems a little weird, looks like no <p> or no <br> effects on every thing. While when it opened very fast, the IP.Content pages seem normal.
  5. Hello, I can not access the Client Area, but I can access the community. Is it still the DDOS attack from China?
  6. oops, what happened to this topic... maybe I should ask for the IP.Content tutorial directly at the beginning. btw, special thanks to Rimi for the tutorial link, hope IPS can write a little bit more.
  7. So... Are there any tutorials for IP.Content? A few samples (pages + database) would help a lot.
  8. Thank you, m8s. Hope IPS can provide a 'Step by Step' tutorial to make an IP.Tracker system with IP.Content ASAP, that is we really needed, and it's a good way to grasp the IP.Content and not only limited on some simple static pages with it. About the function, sometimes on some usings, I prefer to the official one which can provide a better in-time tech support and a scheduleable development. So, please, release some tutorials. :smile:
  9. Hello, How does IPS deal with the tracker? We need a formal tracker system to use eagerly, will IPS provide an official one? Thanks.
  10. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    So... Can I use it now? Is there any tutorials to do this?
  11. Thank you mates, I will add the stopforumspam hook as the second spam firewall. @PKI, the Captcha works but the bots can get through it.
  12. Errr.... I didn't think of that. It seems a new feature since some upgrade I didn't notice. Thanks.
  13. I bought 3 licenses, 1 lifetime, 2 standard, 2 full components, 2 copyright removals for supporting IPS as far as I can do. Now on my lifetime license board, a lot of junk posts filled my database everyday, Enable Captcha? It doesn't work, bots can still register and post. I don't know if that was the IPS marketing policy in order to convert the lifetime users to standard, if so, IPS did it in a bad way. The lifetime users should suffer by the junk posts unless they turned to the standard license. I believe IPS decided to make their products international, but as one of the IPS users which is reducing day by day in China, just feel sad. But, I may still turn my final liftetime to the standard, with unpleasure. Lack of foresight may good for a short-time income, but the cost is quite possible to lose a huge one, because ppl didn't see any valuable positive actions from IPS to the old users.