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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Michael.J in Donations Support   
    New update pending approval for IPB 4.6 and several more bug fixes too.
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to zyx in Tag Cloud Block   
    The Tag cloud in this is great, but as mentioned above, sadly the app has been abandoned.
    Would be nice to see IPS incorporate a tag cloud widget by default, as we found it was a really popular feature. 
    And if we're really dreaming here, it would be even better to have the option within the widget of whether to show all tags for the entire site, or specifically tags for the current app.
    By which I mean, if you're in the gallery, you could opt to have the tag cloud show only tags used in the gallery, and when clicking on a tag, only show gallery items with that tag. Same would apply if the widget was used on the forums, or in downloads and so on. 
    But either way, any sort of tag cloud (that shows a clickable list of all the different tags used) would be a really useful feature.
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Jordan Miller in Tag Cloud Block   
    This topic inspired me to make tagging mandatory when a user creates a new topic (they could add tags previously, but it wasn't required). I'd like to see in a few months what the tags functionality looks like so I can begin explaining to my community how to follow certain tags in a custom Activity Stream. It's an effort to begin really utilizing the Activity Streams and ideally shift our homepage from the top news stories, to a page where they're seeing content they chose. 
    A tag cloud would be cool 👍 
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Michael.J in Donations Support   
    I'd love to say soon but it's more medium term then short term unfortunately. IPB 4.5 really did take a lot of effort at the same time as when I was busy with real life. I won't go into the full details but there was a lot of surprises in there that developers weren't aware of. It's not easy when you've got nearly 100 apps and plugins and you have to make large changes to lots of them.
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Joey_M in Donations Support   
    COVID is really kicking my sites, I started gaining ways to fund my communities from within and even some third-party work.
    Last month, I lost an incredibly kind donator who chipped £10 for the last 2+ a few months.
    I've been ever do grateful for the support, donation drives go well but you can't always repeatedly ask for hand outs or hand ups - people soon become tired of it. However, there's still people out there willing to lend support.
    Unfortunately, this concern has impacted my enjoyment of what I do and I've taken time away from my main site.
    It's a community within the real world, without those live interactions there's little I can do. I'm trying to move into other avenues such as merch and emails (the latter I've neglected) but on those past occasions where the community got together I often had donations given to me in person.
    I've never known a feature to be requested so much, by many different people.
    As a long-standing user of IPS, Michael is someone who's shaped our communities through his apps (plus custom work). I value his time, effort and dedication highly.
    I'm just hopeful that Stripe might be added soon, with 4.6 it could be longer and I do understand. It's not easy to balance time with life and more important demands (I mean this with the utmost respect).
    It feels like the last roll of the dice for me, without the issues caused by COVID - I'd be just fine but everyone is in some form of Limbo. I would hate to be unable to keep something I care so much about. This application has helped me several times when I've really needed it, so I'm not complaining. I know Stripe will be handed at some stage. Take me back to the early 00s when things didn't cost so much. 👍🏻
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Martin A. in Community Map   
    There's no widget available for this app, but you can add it as an iframe.
    You should be able to add this to a Pages block, select "Manual HTML".
    <iframe src='{url="app=communitymap&module=communitymap&controller=showmap&do=embed" seoTemplate="communitymap"}' width='100%' height='300' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0'></iframe>  
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Jack Burton in Donations Support   
    Does this application allow the use of STRIPE for payment processing @Michael.J?
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to cyberstalker292 in Job Board App ?   
    Also Interested
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to evcom in Job Board App ?   
    Well, it's been a while since the community here talked about the job board app. Does anyone have news on this? I guess the project has been dropped?  
    I am thinking to use the app "pages super directory" instead.
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to InvisionHQ in iAwards   
    Please use only PM or only Post to contact me. I answered your private message.
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    Mateusz Manikowski reacted to Duke_ in (PS34)Top Shouters in Board Stats   
    File Name: (PS34)Top Shouters in Board Stats
    File Submitter: Duke_
    File Submitted: 23 Jan 2013
    File Category: User and Social Engagement

    Whit this hook you can allow display Top X Shouters in board index stats


    enable/disable hook possibility to chose groups which can see this hook possibility to set up own name to hook header possibility set how many positions you want to show.

    here to download this file
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