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  1. This worked for me: .ipsApp_front #ipsLayout_footer { position: absolute; top: auto; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; z-index: 0; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto } .ipsApp_front #ipsLayout_contentWrapper { margin-bottom: 330px; } However now the hover cards are weird? Any ideas
  2. A Sticky footer would be a great addition, would anyone know of a fix so that it stays at the bottom?
  3. Azura


    Very nice work, I'm half surprised this is a free theme, time is money, money is time and this looks like you put an effort into it. Nice simple and clean.
  4. Made some minor changes: Profile Userbar has changed, who's online, chatbox scrollbar, new forums icons. http://frostnet.io/
  5. So out of the box IPB theme if you viewed it on some devices you would see all these different colours like greyish whites and what not, Im not exactly sure why it was done this way Im sure their a reason, Im only asking because i ended up changing those stuff on my site to plain white and maybe Im doing it wrong this way.
  6. Could make it lighter with css edits , however thats my base theme colour.
  7. Updated header text, some css icons, made website more easy to browse. http://frostnet.io/
  8. From what i've seen, you seem to completely rely on others to do things for you, hitting down the IPB community isn't cool, simple because we're not providing for your needs all the time.
  9. Hello yes the theme is just strictly css edits, its based of IPS default theme, I don't particularly want to share it as i want to have my site unique, and special to my user-base despite being none at this moment of time it will grow as bo3 modding and mapping tools are released into the wild, Post container, nothing has changed only the top blue bar which is curved. What do you mean by the username part? For the user group that is just an addition to using awesome fonts which you can include in user groups like this: <span style="color:rgba(113, 161, 239, 0.9);font-weight:bold;"> <i class="fa fa-shield" aria-hidden="true"></i></span>
  10. On some boards if you search to many times it prompts you to a message like: "Please wait 30 seconds before attempting another search", however on my board it isn't the case so i figured it must be a plugin or something. Thanks, Azura Update: @Steve-Ray let me to the feature it's in look under Group Settings tab and look for search flood control.
  11. Added some new features and changed the design a little: http://frostnet.io/
  12. Could use a css element like this: [data-forumid=""] .fa-comments::before { content: ""; }
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