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    Stranger 2.0 reacted to Ryan H. in Easy Pages   
    Yes, in my application code. No, it would not be overwritten by updating IPS.
    Look, I don't know what to say to you. I've told you repeatedly that you need to have some patience (again, I cannot respond to everything in a matter of hours); I've explained the situation and how this issue is largely out of my control right now; and I asked for access to your site to work around the issue for you four days ago. You have yet to provide that access, so I am not sure how you expect me to do anything.
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    Stranger 2.0 reacted to newbie LAC in (NB41) Content Ratings   
    Fixed. Now I'm testing.
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    Stranger 2.0 reacted to newbie LAC in (NB41) Content Ratings   
    IPS changed the code. I need to find another way to add ratings bar.
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    Stranger 2.0 reacted to Padgoi_the_Djagloi in (NB41) Content Ratings   
    Confirmed, 4.1.19 version of the board script no longer works with this application.  The rating bar in posts does not display.  
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