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  1. When I go to shop purchases - custom purchases, I get this error: Also, that problem with being directed to the homepage after any purchase is fixed but still redirects you after donating points?
  2. Recently, after making any donation or buying any shop item, it kicks you out of the forums and back to home screen. Any idea why?
  3. I updated IPS and now I get this error at the top of fixtures:
  4. Yeah the other fields aren't important, I just need the names so I can populate the widget you kindly added
  5. Any chance of making this compatible with My Football app? Just to show members favourite teams?
  6. Thanks for latest update! When i click on field nothing happens Nevermind, it's because it was set to text instead of player. Now, say i had a spreadsheet with 100's of player names. How easy would it be to add them to the player database all at once? Like this is just a section of my list: It would be amazing if i could just import my full list. If it's a lot of work I would pay extra. They don't need all the extra player fields just the names
  7. I was wondering why some awarded points are displayed with commas and others aren't Also, I can't remember if I've asked for this before or not, but is there a way to award points for voting in specific polls?
  8. Ok so I don't mind adding the players manually via ACP. So how easy would it be to add some side bars/widgets with top goalscorers etc, based on played fixtures?
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