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  1. I was wondering why some awarded points are displayed with commas and others aren't Also, I can't remember if I've asked for this before or not, but is there a way to award points for voting in specific polls?
  2. Ok so I don't mind adding the players manually via ACP. So how easy would it be to add some side bars/widgets with top goalscorers etc, based on played fixtures?
  3. With the new update is there a way for members to view their donation log? Also are points prefixes now possible? eg. M for millions , K for Thousands? £ Currency signs before points??
  4. 4 input fields. If it was 4 select boxes with player names I'd have to input all the players manually in ACP first I think? I just want to write the players name then formulate a ranking table if that's possible?
  5. I mean add a widget that compiles; 1. Top Goal scorers 2. Top Assisters 3. Most Man of the Match Awards 4. Most Clean sheets So when you fill in a fixture result it would have the option to input this information. Then automatically create tables you can use as widgets. Does that make sense?
  6. I didn't ask for them I don't think lol. Just wondered if it was something you were going to implement in the future?
  7. Is there any update incoming to add a top goalscorers, assisters, clean sheet table wiget thingy?
  8. 2 or 3 moderators fill in the transfers and trades then update the team rosters on the sheet accordingly. Money (points) is transferred via donations.
  9. I didn't think that was possible tbh. But have a look at the spreadsheet we use. See if it's something you can do. Think we'd pay any price to make it easier than the current system. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRq5Yc4boxFv-ii7vnc7fXPM2uJFg4yNxuhHKL75yFTzjw68rTaCOaAC0olUBXOyAwT0Av7GFA5w8wO/pubhtml#
  10. Just members shop points, but we rename it 'cash' just pretend money really
  11. We buy and sell players so we use millions to be more realistic but yeah, we are probably the only ones lol
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