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    MeMaBlue reacted to TheSonic in Make page home page   
    In ACP:
    System -> Applications -> Pages -> click on the star (Set as Default app)
    Pages -> Pages -> use the Pulldown-Menu for your desired page and click "Make Default page for this Folder"
    ...and you're done
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Peter Sowerby in Disable ads individual pages   
    ACP > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS
    Templates > core > front > global > globalTemplate

    {advertisement="ad_global_header"} Replace with following:
    {{if !(\IPS\Request::i()->app == 'core' and request.module == 'system' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'login' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'lostpass' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'page')}} {advertisement="ad_global_header"} {{endif}} This will disable the global header Ad on Register, Login, Lost Password and "Page".
    Here "Page" means that pages build using the Pages app.
    So, the key is this code:
    or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' Keep on adding this code one after the other and simply change the Real URL controller page syntax. You can find it under: ACP > Advanced Configuration > Friendly URLs
    The same goes for global footer Ads. Find:
    {advertisement="ad_global_footer"} Replace with following:
    {{if !(\IPS\Request::i()->app == 'core' and request.module == 'system' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'login' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'lostpass' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'page')}} {advertisement="ad_global_footer"} {{endif}} Cheers
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    MeMaBlue reacted to EricT in Limited Email Content   
    Good news
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    MeMaBlue reacted to EricT in Limited Email Content   
    But it does ! The PM content is truncated in the email, so the user will click on the link to see the full content and then reply on the site.
    So this plugin will probably resolve 95% of these problems
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Fosters in Limited Email Content   
    I'm sorry for this.
    I have released a new version which will fix this.

    (21 minutes between bug report and the fix... not bad:D )
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Unlucky in Limited Email Content   
    Just bought this and spotted a problem
    If someone sends in a request using the contact form, it cuts that short aswell so we have no idea of what their issue is or any link to goto to view the full text
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    MeMaBlue reacted to CP in Limited Email Content   
    Same issue here. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to EricT in Limited Email Content   
    Same on my community 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Michael R in Limited Email Content   
    Will this also work for PM notifications? My members are always replying to the email notification instead of going to the site and replying there.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to EricT in Limited Email Content   
    Suggestion : Give the ability to avoid external links on email content
    Two reasons : 
    - avoid spam & dangerous links on emails
    - avoid the sparkpost problem : if a link from their blacklist is in the email content, your account is suspended.
    I can sponsor this feature
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    MeMaBlue reacted to NoGi in Limited Email Content   
    From the other post:
    It would be good to be able to apply groups filtering to it if we wanted some groups to be excluded from getting the truncated messages like moderators/admins for example.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Sonya* in Translit URL   
    I have tested the query:
    update `forums_topics` set`title_seo` = ''  And yes, after loading the forum page the titles are rebuilt according to new Translit URLs rules. I have not tested another queries, but I assume, that they will be rebuilt as well.
    The plugin works for me on 4.1.17 and for other users. I cannot say why it does not work for you. 
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Ilya Hoilik in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    Greek to greeklish substitutions list  with the not helpful originals of the plugins, in parentheses
    χ  =  ch   
    γκ  =  g   (not gk)
    φ = f  (not ph)
    Υ=  y (not i) 
    ω= w (not o)   (this is optional) 
    β= v (not b)
    edit i think i cannot have 2 characters have the same substitution. 
    ideally both ξ and  χ   could end up in    the X latin character. but i think the plugin wont take  2   of the same substitutions. can it be ?
    i used ch for x and it looks very well : 
    xana chorismos       and   vrisko  instead of brisko
    egyos instead of egkyos     . i didnt choose the w for ω,  maybe i will later on. 
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Ilya Hoilik in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    hello! just downloaded it   and works brilliantly,  (am running 4.1.17 !)
    when saving a link it automatically changes it to the translit url. 
    and , there is a place where you can set your custom NEW substitutions! SUPER  @Ilya Hoilik  !! ! BRAVO!   
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    MeMaBlue reacted to jackflash in Google Page Level Ads for 4.1   
    Easy.  I'll post something up on this for others to do.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to media in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    Thanks ABGenc,
    I missed that but is there any complete list of this SQL queries???
    UPDATE core_members SET members_seo_name=''; UPDATE forums_forums SET name_seo='', seo_last_title='', seo_last_name=''; UPDATE forums_topics SET title_seo='';  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Ilya Hoilik in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    I have pushed version 2.0.0 just now to provide compatibility with IPS Community Suite 4.1.14.
    What's New in Version 2.0.0
    URLs Transliteration was renamed to Friendly URL Translit Compatibility with IPS Community Suite 4.1.14 Now you can define you custom rules
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Lukeroge in Option to show posts in reverse chronological order (latest at the top) in a discussion forum   
    A "topic-level" sorting option might be nice, so you can soft by oldest/newest or even top rated posts.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to gabs007 in (NB40) Ads After X Posts   
    I have the feeling that we keep asking a lot, sorry  
    But I'm wondering if I can select in which forums these ads appear.  I'm not interested to have ads in all forums.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to newbie LAC in (NB40) Ads After X Posts   
    I want this too. Hope the developer will add that feature.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to JSheward in Controlling what reported content moderators see   
    Hi All,
    I was wondering if there is a way to only allow moderators to see reports for activity under the forums that they moderate? Currently I've run a test and the only way is to allow a moderator to see all reports. It does not let the moderator then edit the content, but they can still change the status of the report. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to h2ojunkie in Z-index on menus and hover cards   
    The z-index on user menus and hovercards needs to be increased.

    By default, all rich media ads served by double click (this is what is used for serving rich media adsense ads) have a z-index of either 999999-1000000. See here: http://support.google.com/richmedia/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1249219

    Since adsense/double click is the #1 ad network, and the most like ads to be used on a forum, it would be good practice to increase the z-index used in IPB for menu's and hovercards to be higher than than 1,000,000.

    Yes, I agree that is an insanely high number, but since we can't control what google does, we can at least compensate for it.

    For example, if you use the standard ad slot on the mobile skin for the top of the page, you can't click the sign-in button on the mobile menu because of the z-index being use by adsense.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to AlexWebsites in Z-index on menus and hover cards   
    I actually ran into the same issue and am posting to subscribe to this thread. I was running some high impact sidewall banners that go over all of the drop downs and forms, so I had to remove them. if you find a solution, let me know. Supposedly the ad serving agent adjusted their z-index but it didn't work for me.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Mr. Monster in Fluid Theme for this Site   
    I have multiple monitors for this purpose :D!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    Not sure I follow... are you saying you create adverts as JOHN DOE and others are viewing this advert as if anyone else submitted it? Same for questions and offers?
    If so, no... obviously that's not what's expected and I can't reproduce it: http://www.screencast.com/t/reqMZZFybCjj
    My test was a basic use of the app:
    Advert created by a user Question made by another user Second user made an offer Advertiser see the question and offer Advertiser replied to the question A third user goes to the app and see everything as it should This app works just like any other: it stores the IDs of members and show them.
    You can try it here:
    http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/classifieds/ User: Test Classifieds PW: 111111 I have only one package, submission free.
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