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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jibeji in Clicking on unread Topics do not take me to the newest post   
    Thanks but it's a filter that every user has to create and call back afterward.
    Is it possible to set this by default?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Ilya Hoilik in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    For those having this issue - try this file: fixfurl.zip
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    MeMaBlue reacted to media in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    UPDATE inv_forums_forums SET name_seo='', seo_last_title='', seo_last_name=''; Running this broke the site and I have no solution. Whatever I do still getting this
    http://www.mysite.com/test/topic/417603-/?do=getNewComment Please help
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    MeMaBlue reacted to ABGenc in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    @MeMaBlue have you tried the following one ?
    UPDATE forums_topics SET title_seo=''; And if you can, can you check if the title_seo field in your database forums_topics table is empty or not ..
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    MeMaBlue reacted to AbhiT in Option to show posts in reverse chronological order (latest at the top) in a discussion forum   
    This is at the forum level to sort topics. This can be done from admin too that in what ordering you want the topics.
    Looking for this option within a topic so posts are shown by the last reply. So the functionality you are showing is what we need, but within a topic. Will be great if can set parameter in forum settings (in admin) for the sort order for posts within a topic, similar to setting ordering of topics within a forum.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to AbhiT in Option to show posts in reverse chronological order (latest at the top) in a discussion forum   
    Currently all the posts in a discussion topic is shown in chronological order (latest post at the end). Should have an option to show posts in reverse chronological order too, where the latest post comes at the top, below the title. This is important since some discussions, the latest information matter more and then this would be logical and intuitive. For example, if the topic is discussion of some live event development, the latest update is most relevant rather than the first reply after topic was started. This feature was present in version 3.X. Please consider adding this in 4.X since extremely important for us.
    Please contribute if anyone else also finds this relevant so the IPS team can consider taking it as a task in an upcoming update. If someone has a quick fix to achieve this, that will be helpful too for now. Thanks!
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from mwcboard in Advertisements - Define own location   
    you put the curly  brackets with the custom name in some template. i had my it admin do it, but i would like and i think it would be very useful to have a foolproof guide for someone on how exactly and where to place this bracket... there are some examples that could be used in this list as a list of paradeigmatas,
    "for image to be seen over /before the navbar   ,        place brackets    {so and so --and your ad tag here--- }    click   here   [image]  and copy paste   between/before/after that and that code "
    "for image to be between category a - b at home page only,    place brackets    {so and so   --and your ad tag here---  }    click   here   [image ]  and copy paste   between/before/after that and that code "
    for image to be seen ......... when user writes a personal message !!!!!! 
    I myself asked also in a different topic where the template of scenario b  could be so that the banner can be seen between two categories at the homepage.     
    Ideally the topic name would be  -   List of Custom ad placements and how/where to create them  but there need to be people to help out with it
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    MeMaBlue reacted to SJ77 in Fragmented content for images posted in forums vs gallery   
    users automatically get a "forum upload" album. Anything from the forums goes there. Same as facebooks "timeline" album.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to SJ77 in Really wish statistics were better   
    I LOVE statistics. It's one thing that keeps me motivated to keep trying to build up my sites.
    User facing stats are nonexistent mostly. ACP stats aren't very useful. IE: not readable, etc. Examples, This number isn't even formatted with commas, much less I am supposed to figure out what that means when it's listed in KB?
    That's thrity-five million, five hundred and seventy three thousand Kilo Bytes?? UGH!! That doesn't mean anything to me.

    And then there is this, Why are these lines so thin?

    It feels like not much thought or effort has really gone into quality stats.
    I would love to see some global site stats made available. Here is an example.

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    MeMaBlue reacted to Adriano Faria in Guest View Limit on Forums Topics   
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Mobile only ads   
    I use the standard header on the index, forum display and topic.
    25 topics per page, advert after the 8th and 16th topic
    10 posts per page, advert after the 1st and 5th post
    Footer adverts have always been terrible for me so I don't bother. 
    Header is by far the best performing ad, generates 3x the revenue that ads in between posts bring in. Forum display doesn't do that well to be honest.
    I'm sure if I could figure out how to give Google a login and display ads on the activity streams I could make more
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    MeMaBlue reacted to TAMAN in How do we add a nice footer?   
    I will ^^
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    MeMaBlue reacted to kar3n2 in How do we add a nice footer?   
    cool... let us know when you have added it
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    MeMaBlue reacted to kar3n2 in How do we add a nice footer?   
    uh oh  I had alook at that little lot... not for me lol
    ....  i had a look in marketplace in case anyone made a footer ... that would be helpful
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Mobile only ads   
    I have ads disabled for myself whilst logged in so I don't accidentally click any so I couldn't tell you if big billboards are ever shown. My RPM is averaging at £0.54 with 63% view rate
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Mobile only ads   
    Not true, responsive ads the code simply displays ads to fit your screen size. No reason why they would perform bad at all. My revenue never changed when I made the switch 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jed Rosenzweig in Mobile only ads   
    Loading but hiding ads can get you in trouble with Google Ad Sense since you are getting impressions for ads not displayed. The native Google code is a JS solution, not a CSS solution and only loads the ads for the device being used (in theory).
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jim M in Mobile only ads   
    Not sure what you mean here. The code I provided will enable you to show advertisements to different screens thus allowing you to make non-responsive ads not break your responsive layout. If you have a responsive ad, there's no need to do anything like what I showed  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to sadams101 in Mobile only ads   
    In the spirit of helping someone else out on a late night...the correct code that worked for me was not above, but:
    <div class='ipsResponsive ipsResponsive_hidePhone'> <!-- insert advertisement code here --> </div> <div class='ipsResponsive ipsResponsive_hideDesktop'> <!-- insert advertisement code here --> </div>  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to catbreadbat in Mobile only ads   
    Ah, I see now. Sorry for misunderstanding you. Thanks for that! Implementing this right now lol. Is there a "_hideMobile" type class then? So if I want to set ads 123 on desktop only, and ad 4 on mobile only, some aren't seen in both areas.
    Would love to see that documentation then! This is very intriguing.
    EDIT: confirmed using the below code, hides desktop ads, from displaying on mobile:
    <div class="ipsResponsive_hideMobile"> <!-- insert advertisement code here --> </div>
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jim M in Mobile only ads   
    The size of the advertisements displayed is on your end . The infrastructure to implement them in say a mobile screen-size is on our end and available. To implement an advertisement in just mobile you would have to encase it in the "show only on mobile" CSS class.
    Say I want to show only an advertisement on Tablet and Mobile screen-sizes:
    <div class="ipsResponsive_hideDesktop"> <!-- insert advertisement code here --> </div>  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jim M in Mobile only ads   
    This is already available via the responsive CSS in HTML input or via uploading images you can specify a large/medium/small  . This is a very commonly asked question so I'll look into writing up some documentation on it too.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Mobile only ads   
    Strange one, I went from separate ads in mobile and desktop on IP Board 3 to responsive on 4 from day 1 yet saw no major drop off at all. Are your ad impressions still the same, ads in the same locations?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Maurice H. in Default Guest Language   
    I am using this and it works just as expected.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to AndyF in Let members to close their own topics   
    If it was added then you'd obviously be able to set it per group so you could simply not use it if you did not require this feature.
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