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    MeMaBlue reacted to OliverWilbur in Any way to improve the publishing user experience ?   
    I have setup a paid icloud setup. I like the software a lot. At least the community part. I think it's unbeatable. The amount of feature integration is amazing.
    However, I have  a problem with the "publishing" experience aspect of the product.
    I know it is mainly a community suite, but I expected more in the publishing aspect.
    My basic need: get a custom page with a feed from a blog or forums. I wanted in this feed to display not only posts titles, but as well as content of articles with images. This is basically what you can do in any wordpress or any publishing suite. I can't with ipb. For example a blog feed, each post is curiously prematurely truncated. I can't control where to truncate. This create a feed that is not engaging.
    For forum topics I had to hack a custom php block because the built in feed carries not only the topic, but all its answers. So on a feed I have all the unwanted answers to the topics. The result is really ugly: all I wanted was to feature a topic, but it gets burried on user answers that I didn't choose to feature.
    Am I missing something or it is really not possible to have:
    - Feed of first topics (or blog) without answers, but with content, and decide where to truncate ?
    Are things improved in 4.2 ?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Donkerrood in Simple Tag Management 4   
    There's no need to be using this plugin as of 4.1 since tag management has been included in the software by IPS. If you are on 4.0.x then it should be working.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Surendra.S in IPS 4.1 : Display TAG CLOUD ?   
    Is there an option to display all TAGS (Tag Cloud) in a page ? (or) at least the frequently accessed tags ?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Colonel_mortis in robots.txt   
    Yes there is - anything with a CSRF key in the URL will cause issues.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to opentype in Use of robots.txt   
    You seem to allow a lot of activity for guests. That’s why these links are even crawled. In a typical setup, they don’t appear for guests. Allowing emailing for guests is pretty problematic. Every spammer could use your page as a spam distribution center. 
    But anyway. As long as you want to keep your current settings and permissions, then yes, you would want to set up robots.txt rules to filter out those URLs. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Tikhonov Ivan in Suggestion: topic moderator   
    @fosters  hope the tests were successful?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Fosters in Suggestion: topic moderator   
    I have coded something similar for a client a while ago. I'll test the app this weekend and release it then.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to NoGi in SEO: Improving robots.txt   
    Is this still needed with IPS4?
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Cyboman in Idea: Moderator tools1) feature post 2) extra reputat   
    My idea is, it would be great if assigned moderators, could , within each post,  click on a button, to feature posts, 
    that could automatically appear in a widget (sidebar widget) .
     I know there is a widget somewhere ,to add manually some threads to be featured, (i think)
     but  what i mean is a simple click on a button in a post. 
    also,   it would be nice 
    for the admin/mod  to be able to give extra reputation    ( +10) at once,  for extraordinary posts   (also with a click on the post, )
    both of these buttons visible only to specific mod /admin group ofcourse
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Fifty50 in Problems with Passwords after Conversion   
    Hello, @Fifty50  
    our problem had to do with this  - the 4.1.17  was a bit different than the converter to 4.1.19. 
    our 2 licences coming from 3,8 vbulletin database that wasnt utf, the first was converted to 4.1.17 , having no problems.  but the second, had to be done to 4.1.19.  and that was a bit too much for the vbulletin 3,8 database, and it brought many problems, all of which had to be analysed and looked at, and it took a week of fumbling until we had the site up finally. 
    for the passwords : "The issue was the IPS4 converter login methods did not recognise vbulletin_legacy as a valid application."   
    when we (we is my associate ,  with cooperation of ips staff) found out what was the problem, it was correctly fixed and was reported as a bug.   My associate ran through the core_members table and saw some schema discrepancies between 4.1.17 and 4.1.19. 
    I would emphasize here, that ,  when converting from older databases/types, there needs to be someone with real lots of time in his hands and good good good knowledge and expertise ,
    otherwise, if you dont have such a person, please, give it to the ips staff from the start  (pay them, its completely worth the money they are asking for) so as to not loose any precious time  when site is offline  for the conversion ! 
    ofcourse anyone would be happy with the switch, ips is awesome, and really functional, with amazing possibilities of customization. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Adriano Faria in Suggestion: topic moderator   
    I'm planning to update this until the end of the year.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to maddog107_merged in New feature : Post BEFORE Register !   
    so @Lindy not coming in 4.2?
    Wait til 4.3?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Lindy in New feature : Post BEFORE Register !   
    Yes... And I sure hope so!  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Durango in New feature : Post BEFORE Register !   
    good to hear
    Here are screenshots made to show what could be done to boost people's engagement :
    Normal Reply if guest :

    Suggested Reply if guest :

    on the model of one of the main french sites (CCM) : http://www.commentcamarche.net/forum/linux-unix-13/new
    many other leading communities in the world are doing the same like Tomsguide (UK) :
    The idea is simple : you ask your question or you answer a topic first, then we ask you to register : very powerful to increase users engagement
    Of course this could be an option in the ACP
    easier to post a screenshot i know than actually coding it i know @Lindy
    any idea welcome
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Lindy in New feature : Post BEFORE Register !   
    We actually have something planned that should make you happy.  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to MADMAN32395 in Allow groups to be sorted   
    I know it's just a graphical thing, but it would be nice to rearrange the member groups in the ACP. instead of just alphabetical. Allowing us to manually arrange how they are displayed (similar to how plugins and login handlers are displayed). Personally I would like to see Staff ranks on top and have the hierarchy top down but overall just allow manual sorting/placements.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to gavpedz in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    I did that because as mentioned I thave he sidebar turned on on almost all pages and at certain screen sizes a 728 banner will overlap the sidebar. This might explain the way it works for you. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6307124?hl=en-GB
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    No you'll need to add them into those templates separately 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    I've been experimenting, after removing the css from global.css and letting Google decide the size of ads I noticed a small increase, last night I've set the ad sizes to 768x90 banners on desktop/tablet and 320x280 square on mobile whilst leaving the header ad free to do as Google pleases. It's 4pm UK time and I've hit yesterdays total already.
    No major increase in traffic, a usual steady day. 
    It's too early to say if this down to the ad sizes but now I have the best paid units you would hope to see an increase, will need a full month to compare really.
    Still struggling to understand why the css was added in the first place 
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from gavpedz in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    if anybody can comment on the    revenue  difference after making those changes,  it would be great. 
    SUPER  @gavpedz @sound  that you mentioned this subject, i was also trying to figure out why this was like that, and actually just put 300x250 everywhere untill i solve the issue. !
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    That's right, these won't show on error pages, just the forum and topic pages. For the home page add a custom location key to the index template. Pretty much covers the main places you want adverts.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to day_ in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    @LDDG I have the same issue as you, having took a look at your site you have ads on the login page, I'm guessing you are using the default header placement in settings. It's actually against Google policy to have them on login pages so be careful 
    I manually placed a custom location key at the top and bottom of these templates for header and footer ads, that covers the main pages on the site
    forums > front > forums > forumDisplay
    forums > front > index > index
    forums > front > topics > topic
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    MeMaBlue reacted to LDDG in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    Oh ok, at least now I know it's just not my setup. I have a feeling there might be some code somewhere that's affecting the #ipsLayout_mainArea ads, which is where the header ad code located.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to gavpedz in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    Yes i did. Like i said though the values are setup to my preference with me having the sidebar on, on most pages. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to gavpedz in Does IPS not fully allow responsive Adsense in mobile?   
    If anyone is interested this is what i have done with mine. (Bear in mind i have the sidebar on pretty much every page possible.)
    /* GOOGLE AD CODE FOR RESPONSIVE ADS */ #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 300px; height: 250px; } @media (min-width:380px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 336px; height: 280px; } } @media (min-width:764px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 728px; height: 90px; } } @media (min-width:980px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 468px; height: 60px; } } @media (min-width:1160px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 728px; height: 90px; } } #ipsLayout_sidebar .adsbygoogle { width: 300px; height: 250px; } @media (min-width:380px) { #ipsLayout_sidebar .adsbygoogle { width: 336px; height: 280px; } } @media (min-width:980px) { #ipsLayout_sidebar .adsbygoogle { width: 300px; height: 600px; } }  
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