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    MeMaBlue reacted to ipslover in Delete My Account   
    Very nice plugin, but maybe the name should be Deactivate My Account. I just think that it should give us the option to delete all the user content or not. Some people prefer to leave the content, but others prefer to delete everything and they complain when they see their topics still on the site after we delete their accounts.
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from SeNioR- in (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements   
    This app does MUCH more than what is said in the screenshots. if you read the support topic, and the requests  @newbie LAC is getting, 
    ("i want the ad to show there and there and there " )  you will see how many solutions this provides. 
    NewbieLac helped me extensively    
    to  actually have  floating ads  (sticky popups  with dismissible button) 
     to specific sections  .   
    Ad agencies love these (sticky banners /float s because they will get you high viewability percent, and are worth more than the rest of the usual placements. 
    I also have purchased  other plugins from NewbieLAC  the  ad after x posts & ad after x topics  .  but this (with some help from newbielac who is very eager to help ) is capable of much much more, related to ads. 
    absolutely worth the money, because of all the potential ,  do read the support topic to see ...!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Morpheo in Show Signatures to Guests   
    Can't believe this isn't a vanilla feature! Thanks!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to kar3n2 in Show Signatures to Guests   
    this is great.  Would love it show signatures to guests on mobile phone too.
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Topics By Tags   
    This is an amazing tool,
    how you use it, depends on how your subjects are spread in your forum -
    the good thing is that it very much works as a teaser especially if you put frequently used tags  in your forum, as the extra tabs. 
    first tab is always all the latest topics, and second third fourth etc tabs, are the tags you choose. 
    I have set a "suggested"  tag,   with topics that i think are the first topics a new member should participate in, for example , for the first get-to-know post,  or frequent questions - thread, must - read topics etc. 
    very thankful that Adriano has added the no-follow option, since from what i have read about google's policy, any group of links/keywords that repeat themselves exactly inside every page,  (as any widget with links that are the same, or tag-clouds)  is not a good thing for seo and pagerank.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to gabs007 in Topics By Tags   
    Tags are more than just a visual aid in a community. 
    Tags should help to have your content accessible for your users, sorted, identified. 
    Filtering by tags is something that requires advanced search. How many user will be willing to use advanced search for regular content ? Probably not many. Not to mention that searches use resources and users sometimes have to wait 20 seconds, 30 seconds for another search.
    With this widget you can focus the attention on specific topic, topics that matter and can be adapted to any community.  In my case I have a community with 5 subforums committed to review content. All topics tagged and with prefixes. Now I can show in my main page the positive reviews and the negative reviews, I can also show the last 10 reviews about specific content, I can filter data for customers in the reviews according to my tags:  country, color, services etc. etc.
    And the best part is that it can be adapted to any community with interest in focusing on specific content. Imagine you have topics to sell or to buy content. Just add a prefix "buy" and a prefix "sell",  and set up this widget to show topics with the prefix "buy" and another tab topics with the prefix "sell". Imagine you have a forum with questions about technology, well you can sort the questions on the first page by tags, for example, questions about: "laptops" "smartphones" "computers" "tablets"   Just tag the topics and set up the widget.
    Perfect widget to focus attention on what you think is more important in your community. Works as expected. You only have to add it to a block anywhere and you can have more than one on screen. But with 6 or 7 tabs it's not actually necessary to add more than one block. It also updates pretty fast, in 2 minutes you have all content updated after changes in topics.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Cruizin in Partner Page   
    Great easy app. I had this downloaded, uploaded and running in 15 minutes last night. Had my sponsors up in another 20 minutes. 
    Only thing I wish it has was ability to easily change font of Partner's name/title. I noticed that when I share the new page on social media, it displays the first partner on the social media link/image. So, I created a partner named after my forums name and uploaded my own logo, as the first partner. 
    Im thrilled with this, so easy to work with. My sponsors love it already. 
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from DawPi in (DP45) Custom Bad Words Filter   
    Its very useful, invisions own in-built filter does NOT include already posted words, 
    so this plugin is filing an important gap there -   with it you can remove any  given bad word (or other word you need removed for legal or other reasons)  within all of your already existing content. 
    This should be a core feature!
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Fosters in Bookmarks   
    excellent and absolutely needed,  especially for informative forums, and frequent contributors who want to keep their qualitative answers easy at hand to post them again. 
    Very good also for administrative purposes, i.e. to have your admin "must" topics in hand, like  tutorials etc, so that they dont get lost or that you have to search in the  feeds  or flood your browser with thousand  bookmarks!!!
    SUPER! have multiple plugins from fosters  - they are all necessities!  keep up the good work!!!
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Michael.J in Videos   
    This app is AMAZING! worth much more money than it costs. Didnt imagine that I would need it , and hadnt seen it, untill i saw it by chance at the black friday sale.  Super! 
    nowadays, any subject is covered by videos, and users always want to hang out to see things rather than only read things. 
    With the combination of the @newbie LAC enhanced advertisments i will hopefully be adding some banners at the screens! 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to PirateCaptain in Improved Announcements   
    really nice and simple plugin, forum should have been like this out of the box  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Durango in Videos   
    Nice app, cool design !
    wish we could set categories on the front page like the new videos
    The app owner is very helpful !
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Michael.J in Auto Welcome   
    its  a must for everyone! you can download it even if you are running previous version 4.1
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Fosters in Default Guest Language   
    works super easy.  
    should be a core feature, ...! (I dont know why it isnt?)
    (using it with greek language)
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    MeMaBlue reacted to nodle in Minimized Quote   
    Works flawless. I always missed this coming from Xenforo. Makes your forums so much more tidy. Should be included by default with IPB. Maybe they can slip it in 4.2
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    MeMaBlue reacted to xtech in Automation Rules - FULL   
    This app is just great - i even think IPS should get next to the author and arrange a deal do bundle it with IPS, and it's a must.
    It's tough to master, though. It's pure logic, and it's better that you play a bit with it to understand its spirit - but after that it's great.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to RPG-support in Send PM via Admin CP Profile   
    Finally I can PM to myself. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Shyuan in Send PM via Admin CP Profile   
    Exactly what I am looking for. Thank you! So much easier to send a PM to members!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Noni in Default Guest Language   
    Cool! I really needed this!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Nebthtet in Default Guest Language   
    Does exactly what is says on the tin. 
    I also think this should be an option available by default.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Kirill Gromov in [IPS 4.3] Limited Email Content   
    This is exactly what should be in IPS4 from the box! Thanks
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Maurice H. in Default Guest Language   
    Does exactly what is says, simple and straightforward.
    These are kind of functionalities that IPB should put in the core!
    Thanks ipsrocks
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    MeMaBlue reacted to salue in Default Guest Language   
    I don't know why, this is not a feature in IPS CORE ! x.X!!!
    Thanks for making this, it was driving me crazy not being able to do this.
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    MeMaBlue got a reaction from Ilya Hoilik in Friendly URL Translit   
    hello! just downloaded it   and works brilliantly,  (am running 4.1.17 !)
    when saving a link it automatically changes it to the translit url. 
    and , there is a place where you can set your custom NEW substitutions! SUPER  @Ilya Hoilik  !! ! BRAVO!  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to alfanexus in Translit URL   
    Works perfectly on both forum and blogs. A must have if you language contain special chars other than a-z.
    Was a little afraid it would mess with existing URLs but it dosent.
    And even if I uninstall this the urls dosent change back. Absolutely Great! But it would nice with explanation why it still work when uninstalled?
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