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    MeMaBlue reacted to kysil in Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon   
    Please, improve normally option for correct work Google Tag Manager etc.

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    MeMaBlue reacted to Matt in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    We will see how it goes and look into other options in future releases. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to asigno in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    Thanks for the updates.
    As @The Old Man said it would be great if the download/delete etc was within the users own account admin so admins don’t have to manually do this for them each time. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to TSP in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    @Matt @Christopher Anderson Well, it's pseudonymized at least. We personally take this road, so it will be useful to me if IPS would provide the option to let us input our own value to give as the new attribution. You can argue people can comb through all of the quoted content in others members posts and get the information that way anyway, or you could argue that an advanced AI in the future could be able to figure out which users are different anyway based on writing style alone.
    I see no need to make it harder for people to understand how the flow of a previous conversation has been (if you choose not to delete the content in the first place), it only makes things confusing. 
    There are 4 potential options here: 
    Continue to attribute to Name (currently in this update) Attribute to "Guest" only (currently in this update) Attribute to the given name <Admin inputs new name> Pseudonymize: The software generates a md5-hash based on some values there and then that does not retrieve any member data, just something like a timestamp + some other value and then gives that name to all content from that account before it's deleted. @Matt Will I be able to hook into it at least? 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in How to use Invision Community content in Wordpress in under 5 minutes   
    It will require some custom programming, but the REST API can be used for this.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Claudia999 in How to use Invision Community content in Wordpress in under 5 minutes   
    I'm looking for a way to embed the community search in my Wordpress search or in the search result page in Wordpress. Do you have a hint for me?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to O9C4 in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Invision Community © 2018 IPS, Inc. must have a lot of european customers, isn't it? So you must be preoccupied with GDPR for your terms & policy too, as we here all or not?
    I apologize in advance, but I still do not understand what to do and how to prepare for the 25th of May.
    To copy someone's else (IPS for example) GDPR policy to my site would be great and easy for me, and all i can as noob admin.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to DReffects2 in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    I am missing an option to export all user data in a standardized format as required by EU law...
    There are a bunch of websites I run for cities that are powered by invisionpower. Will there be a fully GDPR compliant version by May 25th or does invisionpower choose to abandon all EU customers?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to opentype in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    That’s nothing new by the way. If you want to run legal websites that do any kind of business, you need to show yourself. If you want people to follow your terms or purchase something, that’s a contract with responsibilities and both parties need to know who they are even dealing with. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to GTB in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Confusing and crazy. It's being talked about on WoltLab and XenForo. On WoltLab they are saying you have to add you Name and Address on the privacy policy page as well.
    Lol, guess you could do that really. Make them pay to remove their account. Ha! Good one, call it admin fees.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to loccom in How Invision Community's tools can help with GDPR compliance   
    Need the feature of letting me download a persons data in a PDF. I bet you this will be requested many times. we need this feature
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    MeMaBlue reacted to jair101 in 7 ways to nurture new members and encourage more participation   
    The lurker week looks interesting, I will have to read more about it. 
    But asking for feedback can be a double edged sword. It makes the members feel like their opinions are appreciated, that their opinion matters and they are actually part of building the community. Unfortunately more often then not their ideas are not achievable easily, or lets be blunt, are stupid. And when you refuse to make the change, they feel bitter and sometimes can even leave the community. This has happened to me - a user proposed entirely new forum structure, I said no, he said "You are not listening to us, so I am leaving".
    Then there is a risk that you may promise something and when you don't do it, it will be constantly bumped. I am sure IPS can relate to this when seeing all those feedback topics tagged with "Internal review" and "will be done" that are bumped from two years ago...
    Another risk is when you ask for an opinion and you get 50/50 split replies. This creates division in the community. I had it a few times, for example when planning our get togethers. We made a poll which day is most convenient for people, the result was 50/50 split. So a day was picked by me, which obviously disappointed half of the people that felt I am giving not deserved advantage to the other half.
    At least for me, actively pursuing feedback seems to bring more negatives and can create needless camps within the community. Not that I discourage it, I do have a feedback section, but I rarely actively ask for a feedback and it is usually for harmless things - logo, header, etc.  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jim M in 7 ways to nurture new members and encourage more participation   
    For the t-shirts, we have our own. We have 2 different versions so we've given away 1 of each and have done that twice in the last year or so that we've had them. 
    The calendar is ours as well. It's a user-driven contest as well which generates it's own traffic. It's a pain and a lot of validating to ensure the photos are fit and legal to print but is worth it. Depending on sales of the calendar itself we will give a couple away in the new year. We have been doing this for quite some time and they love it.
    Finally, we have vendors on our community that will contribute with free items. A t-shirt here, a coffee mug there or we'll get a free/discounted product to give away. These aren't branded for us but we'll throw in a "thank you" note with the item.
    Overall, maybe 2-4 contests like this per year depending on what product we have and how things are going. Try not to over saturate it and keep the excitement.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Jim M in 7 ways to nurture new members and encourage more participation   
    Contests are actually a very affordable way to bribe people. I do this on my personal community. A calendar, a shirt, whatever it is can be cheap and gets them in the door/posting. People love a chance to win free stuff! Just need to ensure once you have your audience in you capitalize.
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    MeMaBlue reacted to H5K in 4.3: Announcements   
    What happens in the case of a visitor dismissing an announcement and then the announcement being updated? Would they see the update?
    Really great and valuable addition. It's nice to see IPS continuing to expand and improve. Phenomenal, really. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to opentype in 4.3: Announcements   
    I see. 
    Guess there could be two announcement types: “with content” works as now in 4.3. A new type “Link” would use an URL field instead and link to any URL. That could be a topic, a system page (“Read our new Terms of Service”) or even an external page (“Check out this offer from our sponsor”). 
    Sounds good. Not sure they still add such features for 4.3 though. 
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    MeMaBlue reacted to MMXII in 4.3: Announcements   
    I really like the fact that announcements get some attention. I think though that there is some room for improvements:
    Whether or not an announcement is dismissable should be an option. More conditions would be nice, i.e. the ability to show announcements based on how many days have passed since registration or the last login, based on reputation points, based on whether or not the member has its birthday... (similar to the conditions you offer in the group promotions in the AdminCP).
    I know that technically you can create group promotions first and then display announcements based on usergroups, but that seems to be a bit off. Other than that: Can't wait to see/test it!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to marklcfc in 4.3: Announcements   
    Well I have to say thats not ideal, I'd rather have the entire announcement as a link which goes directly to the topic where it can be discussed further. (at the top of the page announcement at least) On a XF forum they have that, the red link goes to the topic and its also dismissable

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    MeMaBlue reacted to marklcfc in 4.3: Announcements   
    Can a link to a specific topic be placed inside the top of the page announcement and be clicked but not open a new window? Example
    This is an announcement, for more information
    Link goes directly to topic in question, not opening a window
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Rikki in New: Clubs   
    I've some good news for you! Since forums within clubs are real forums, you can move topics between regular forums and club forums just like in any other case. You just need to be a member of the club, and you'll see your club forums in all the select boxes:

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    MeMaBlue reacted to Joel R in Black Friday Sale!   
    For anybody else who wants to combine the savings from IPS on a new license with the best prices of the year from the IPS Marketplace, be sure to visit the Marketplace's official Black Friday topic:
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    MeMaBlue reacted to steve00 in Black Friday Sale!   
    Sent PM 3 hours ago but no answer
    Appears cannot use coupon to renew licenses ?
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Lindy in Black Friday Sale!   
    We will have a special renewal offer soon!
    As an aside, don't forget to check out the promotion the Marketplace folks are running!
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    MeMaBlue reacted to Steph40 in Black Friday Sale!   
    Waiting on this to renew.  
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    MeMaBlue reacted to opentype in New: Reactions   
    You know, you could actually read the article and not just look at the pictures.  It explains it. 
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