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  1. Luminous by IPS Themes

    I have some problems re-installing some of the features for my skin on my 3.4.1-installation. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or a workaround for: 1) The logo don't show. The URL for the logo is present in the skin replacements, but the variable seems to be empty in the skin (recached it several times since last night) 2) The settings won't import. It just says "0 replacement(s) imported" and there is no color picker and stuff like that... It was a while ago I installed the first version of this (for 3.2) so I may miss something. It was a pain to make the skin show in the backoffice and in the dropdown list too. But I think that's due to IPB:s cache not updating correctly or something. It showed up after a while, so... Edit: Disregard this, fixed everything. All is good. Of course a few minutes after I wrote this.... Great skin, btw.