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    This theme is absolutely amazing. It has everything you could imagine and a very simple to use interface to do it. The biggest positive I could give is to Denis and his support team, THEY ARE AMAZING!! They are quick, very helpful, and never lose their patience. Great work on an awesome theme and by backing / supporting your product. A+ for sure, I highly recommend!
  1. Does anyone know where in the CSS you can make the background image for the slider completely transparent. I cant find the opacity setting in the CSS I am looking for.
  2. By that I mean 100% opacity so you can see the background not the blue.
  3. Sent you a DM with the login information. Thanks for your help. Is there a way to make it to where you can see the background through the slider instead of the solid blue? I have been looking and can't find the setting anywhere.
  4. I know how to change the background, however I am not working on the background I am working built in Slider. The first 2 sliders work fine it is the 3rd and 4th sliders that will not display the image where the user can click on it to redirect to the article.
  5. Hi Dennis, I am having an issue where the 3rd and 4th sliders are not displaying the image file, it is showing a broken image file. If I still click the broken image file it will redirect to the article. Do you have a fix for this already? Thanks, Jimmy
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