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  1. Thanks It worked, suggestion : if you add this feature to the plugin as a toggle under IPS Carousel type.
  2. In the header of specific page http://hifiwigwam.com/forum-dev/classifieds/ it but it shows cascading style but i just like a simple slider works right to left or vice versa and shows each slide on single click
  3. Hi newbie LAC, please tell me how to make it a single full-screen advert slideshow Thanks
  4. Hi,

    I am having issue in displaying tags over some members of "Super Moderator" Group

    screenshot : 


  5. Simply add data-width="XYZ" code in the twitter generated html code. Replace XYZ with the height for the widget, like:
  6. IPS > Support > Help Guides > Commerce Help guides topics are not opening, instead giving Error: EX1052 I'm accessing that with logged on. Does anyone have the same problem? I'm unable to access any help topic.
  7. @pequeno If you could provide the full URL (copy from browser address bar) of the error page(s), that could be further looked into.
  8. @Samantha Smith ipsWidget_vertical Customization > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS > Search in both Templates and CSS tabs Templates: core > front > profile > profile CSS: core > front > core.css CSS: core > global > framework > blocks.css CSS: gallery > front > widgets.css
  9. @EugeneZybov ACP > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS Templates > core > front > global > globalTemplate Find: {advertisement="ad_global_header"} Replace with following: {{if !(\IPS\Request::i()->app == 'core' and request.module == 'system' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'login' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'lostpass' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'page')}} {advertisement="ad_global_header"} {{endif}} This will disable the global header Ad on Register, Login, Lost Password and "Page". Here "Page" means that pages build using the Pages app. So, the key is this code: or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' Keep on adding this code one after the other and simply change the Real URL controller page syntax. You can find it under: ACP > Advanced Configuration > Friendly URLs The same goes for global footer Ads. Find: {advertisement="ad_global_footer"} Replace with following: {{if !(\IPS\Request::i()->app == 'core' and request.module == 'system' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'register' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'login' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'lostpass' or \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'page')}} {advertisement="ad_global_footer"} {{endif}} Cheers
  10. Thanks, it was a browser cache issue though.
  11. @newbie LAC Do you have any screenshots for the file? Nothing comes when I click on screenshots. Please update the file. Thanks
  12. @Adriano Faria How can I enable it? This is a MUST feature that I need to enabled so that other members can see certain user groups fields on post view in author infopane. Please assist. I'm using v4.1.13.2. Any chance to edit some theme files or plugin etc? How?
  13. @MattLx Set your forum server environment Run via Cron. Make sure your cron (syntax is available when you click the Run via Cron from Advanced Configuration in ACP) is running before enabling this feature. Do NOT enable the forum server environment Run via Cron unless your cron is running properly on your web server. Once done, enable the Run via Cron from Advanced Configuration in ACP and check if the process has been taken by the cron. Also check in Tasks (search in ACP: Tasks) that the bit queue is running every minute. Sometimes that bit is locked and you need to enable that but pressing the Unlock icon. If the processes are running fine, then OK; else raise a ticket with IPS and they will surely help you out to resolve this matter.
  14. Hi, I'm in need of implementing custom profile fields per member group. Can anybody help please? I have different groups w.r.t subscriptions. I need that certain group be allowed to edit profile field based on groups permissions. I know this is NOT available in IPS default. Suppose, I have 3 groups: Editors. Contributors and Dealers. And I have 2 profile groups Personal Info and General Info. As the Editors and Contributors are normally allowed to edit their profile fields in Personal Info and General Info profile groups and that is visible to all on their author infoPane in posts. However, I want that when I create a new profile group called Dealers Info and add certain fields in that, then only Dealers member group should be able to edit and fill into that. This way, the new profile group Dealers Info should only be visible on Dealers group's author infopane in posts, and NOT on Editors or Contributors author infopane. Is there a way to achieve this? If yes, then how?
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