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  1. I can't provide access for our IPS installation. So, ticket is not better than this topic. I think, topic is better for community share and discuss about correct solution.
  2. File: applications/core/sources/StaffDirectory/Group.php, line: 189 \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_members', array( 'member_group_id=? OR FIND_IN_SET( ?, mgroup_others )', $child->type_id, $child->type_id ), 'name' ) This request create very heavy sql request. We have 5kk users, more than 60 groups and a lot of they has secondary groups. FIND_IN_SET command lock all forum sql table for searching. You may test them. More than.. result of them is not put to cache (why?)... Or it's mine problem? Otherwise I am very want for you optimization of this.
  3. And more problems.. ckeditor, plupload loads from /application/core/interface/ folder.
  4. We transfer all storage files to s3 with cdn. So it's very good for separate our app nodes with IPS from user files. One of type of storage files is "Theme Resources". All worked well, but inside their css we have link to fonts (woff, ttf), which not transfer to storage. Can you set fonts as part of themes? It's logical and clear. In our situation we have nginx conf, which transfer all request only to index.php in / and /admin folders. All static and user uploads transfer from cdn. All worked well apart this font files.
  5. All options apart from Memcached use server memory? If I understand english right it's wrong. Memcache (memory cache) - use only memory cache. Not apart
  6. When you upload attach to post, but not post your post - you attachment already saved in your storage. It can be located in your /uploads/ folder or other place, which you select in file settings (attachments block). So if user return to this topic - then he will see autosaved content of editor with his attachment. If user clean up his browser and return to topic - then he will not see his autosaved content or attachment. But his file stayed saved as his file. He can choose them from 'Insert other media' -> 'insert exiting attachment'. All attachments saved here. So you don't need worry about some unuseful garbage. User files is stayed as userfiles and they not lost by they. List of attachment you can find in 'core_attachments' database table. Try to load attachment without post message and you can see your file in this table and see path for them.
  7. I think you may try to create little hack: Create some domain, which will free of cf, but see same document root folder. Write nginx rule with detect POST type with params commentform_.. and/or other params from form inputs. Write rewrite to second free domain if nginx detect download. IPS might this post from other domain clear (because you rewrite correct csrf and other params) and return answer with correct domain (because base domain not changed in the settings). It's theory, but I dont' see any problems for working. csrf - ok, cookies - rewrited with other form params and other headers. If some part of forum detect incorrect incoming domain - then you simply can change this param in fastcgi setting, when free domain pass request to nginx backend.
  8. Good idea. And add ability to choose primary category for shown. Our users very hate 'last used' feature..
  9. We develop in another way. We show secondary groups at bottom of primary group. Users have ability to choose which secondary groups he want to show to others. Ofcouse, user can select only groups which he inside. Admins can see a hidden secondary groups at bottom from visibles (they see with opaque). May be this way is good for you too.
  10. Hello friends! Our localizators have notified us of some issues connected with the IPS strings they need to localize. The details are below: That was only one example describing some issues localizators may face when working with "broken" strings. It would be great if you could keep the above listed tips in mind when adding new phrases to the project in the future so that we don't need to change anything in your code. Please let me know if you need more information.
  11. For us, we would like to have an option to choose groups which can see leaderboard and user achiviements.
  12. Hello friends. Found little issue. If you have your app with some data-controller (and js file in right place inside /application/<app>/dev/...) then when you download app with rebuild current version and then upload it to production forum - then js in this app is not rebuild. I am not sure. May be this is valid. But all other things updated well with rebuild and without version up. So, fix for that - add params &app=core&module=applications&controller=applications&appKey=<your_app_key>&do=compilejs to you admin logged address https://example.com/admin/?adsess=147e85f09c1f564651567sdferetd574 for this result: https://example.com/admin/?adsess=147e85f09c1f564651567sdferetd574&app=core&module=applications&controller=applications&appKey=<your_app_key>&do=compilejs And all ok. JS rebuilded (without IN_DEV define and support files) on production well. All work.
  13. And any chance to fix this..? We add: .cPost .cPost_contentWrap { overflow: hidden; } to fix them. But it no good solution. Anybody can write position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; width: 10000px; height: 10000px; z-index: 50000; and broke any page with this comment
  14. Here is example: First two images are big. So they "cover" state is well. But last three images is very small. See them: So they view is bad (and in post creating this view is bad too): Can you change layout from background-image to <img> tag? For tag we can set max-width: 100% and max-height: 100% and result will be as "contain", but with empty lines on some side.. But I think this is better, than bad resize of little. Or you can create you better solution) Thanks
  15. Up this topic. In our forums we have not any awards for profile views. But our community like to cheat anything. So they are very fast get max 4 294 967 295 value. After that counter stopped (and return Out Of Range issue in IN_DEV mode. So, can you create more good logic? Such as only one visit count per day from one loggedIn user. Without that we must hide this field. Thanks.
  16. I am know this. But want to use this as 'fast search' with one imput and one click. Without proceed deeper to advanced search. I am understand. Thanks
  17. But.. I am select 'All Content'. As i think - this must be search in all content type... So.. Users is not 'content'? It is little strange for our users understanding. If they see several types and 'All' variant - they think about all from list. Thanks for your reply)
  18. Anyone answer? Is that issue? Or it's normal functional. So.. if first - ok and me wait. If no (like to know why) - then i need to make plugin for change this logic. Thanks.
  19. In my site by default search type is 'All Content'. But if i try to search member's name, then i see 0 results. And if I select 'members' type of serach - i can found him. Why 'All content' type of search is not include member name search? It's strange logic fou our users. Fast search input with select all content must search in all content (members too). Here is search with selected 'All Content' and my nickname:
  20. Good working this. But we has special case. We have a forum group, named "Product Developers". In this widget users can see latest topics, where our official staff from special group posted his content. Users very much need this for better follow answers from developers in each topics. In default IPS widget settings we can add users by their nicknames. But it it very complicated for future manage (users may delete from group, add and etc). And for each moving we need to change widget settings manually. So my sentence is - add new filter parameter before author selector. This is a "Group" parameter. So, simple use - create widget, set filter to special group (or few groups) - ready! We can see content, posted by this group. Thanks for you work)
  21. When user try to load animated avatar forum will open crop editor to them. But in any conditions of file, crop settings they are not work. Avatar load as is and resize to square (so some rectange avatars will see bad). I think forum can't have ability to crop animated gif's. So, if you create this ability - it will be perfect. If else, then may be better detect type of image and if this is animated gif - don't open editor? Thanks
  22. I am try with IN_DEV enabled and disabled. But I have not my app in special link. My app contain special table with a lot of additional user information. Which load from hook and plugins as necessary. So i am watch any ips page (forum index, topic, calendar). This js will autoloaded only if i create special call to my app with special link? Bad.. So if i haven't them i nedd make a special call to insert js via \IPS\Theme method? Some additional info. I changed my theme layout and transfer userBar from top inside navBar (cut template call from header and put it inside navBar). All be ok, but when i open dropdown ipsMenu from my userBar elements (such as, show notification dropdown list) they hide in moment, when i try to mouseover on it. I research this and found issue. This is because dropdown meny create inside body element with position absolute. But userBar has mouseleave method, which get all 'ipsMenu' items inside navBar and trigger 'closeMenu', which close my menu. So for that i want to create mixin, which check mouse position over ipsMenu and if true - stop mouseleave timer from navBar. I think - better way is include my functional in template plugin and call js from it?
  23. Hi @Mike John. Can you help me with this question? I am create js file in <my_app>/dev/js/front/mixins/mouseOutScope.js, which contain ips.controller.mixin('mouseOutScope', 'core.front.core.navBar', true, function () { this.after('mouseOutScope', function () { Debug.log('test'); }); }); Can you say why this file is not autoloaded? Where is my mistake? I put this file into <my_app>/dev/js - don't not load. In /dev/js it's load ok, but it is wront place for standard working.
  24. Now we have special users group - forum leaders. We give this group for top user with high-rated content. Rotation of members - one time by month. Could this leaderboard table show leaders by month, not by day? Thanks!
  25. Good news. But if we can set width/height settings of some embed items - it will be much better. Now when yser paste link to youtube - they will embeds as max as possible (or set to max width param setting from ACP). It's not good. If some people wants to create beautiful post - they want to manage this params. Now user can't do this (without source code editor).
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