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  1. In my case hand bruteforce parameters was full enough for that task and worked very well. I am sure online services can provide deeper logics. But base system is the same. Nothing can create perfect image with low size, no magic Anyway, jpegoptim is little other tool instead online services. If somebody make a very optimized template it will not worked good because few people, who upload non optimized big avatars (shows on main page) - will destruct all of optimizations. So i just recommend using jpegoptim as one of image optimization solution. It will improve not only page size, it will save a lot of money if you use some third party storage systems like a amazon (and user images (avatars, uploads, imageproxy cacheand etc) auto optimization will save by several orders of magnitude more traffic/money than template optimizations. This is already awesome in that may be not best of the best optimizer, but it can use on server instead any online services. About working params you can read man page of jpeoptim. Here for example: https://www.mankier.com/1/jpegoptim
  2. Glad to help As i see below - all worked well? Isn't it? I didn't know google ads platform well. But i think it don't neet to get current post number (or not?). Anyway - this code just check your first condition - show something (ads) when current post is first post on this page (isn't it?). You can paste inside anything without show current post number. Or, you can call {$comment->position} anywhere inside post template for return that number (to html or js calling - doesn't matter). I think i don't understand you well (sorry for bad english).
  3. Please, add to activity stream new filter by member group. For example, select group 'staff' and it will show every member, which primary group is staff. It is usable for feeds where member group has a lot of members (and they are add and remove much time).
  4. jpegoptim - cli / server side same tool. (you can add it to crontab as 'find _forlder_and_jpg_extension_created_more_than_1h_ago_after_current_time | jpegoptim --some params) This will automatically optimize all user uploaded images without lower of visible quality Provides as packet in Ubuntu (just sudo apt-get install jpegoptim)
  5. Yep. test.php: <?php require 'init.php'; \IPS\Session\Front::i(); var_dump(\IPS\Http\UserAgent::parse(\IPS\Member\Device::loadOrCreate(\IPS\Member::loggedIn())->user_agent)->mobile); // return bool
  6. It may be some issue with ads code? Try to just show post number. {{if (($comment->position - 1) % \IPS\Settings::i()->forums_posts_per_page === 0)}} #{$comment->position} {{endif}} If that return valid value - than it's a code issue. May be it can't load from ajax response (for example, code wait for some document ready state for init some variables)
  7. Sorry. Didn't think about it @media screen and (min-width: 980px) { .ipsType_richText img { max-width: 640px; max-height: 480px; } }
  8. Same loving) I'll do simple landing pages (which may be as plain html) with dedicated IPS Pages licence. Because i am loving to do this work inside that product And my company loved the results because it provide fast, quality develop and non-technical users can operate that by theyself without calling me for some changes. Thanks IPS. You make a good product!
  9. It may be issue with some css rules or something plugins (and/or editor plugins). Can you share link to your forum for check it? You can check it by yourself with see network tab in console and see ajax answer from forum (what it return in image code). If it return right width/height values - so you got some redefine this value from something. See css applied styles to editor and post. If that checking is not easy for you - try to enable default style to your admin group, switch to default theme is check it again. If issue not reproduce - you know what is source of problem ) If not - try to temporary disable 3rd party apps/plugins (editor too) and check again. Remote images in default forums worked well. I didn't got any problems with that. Some other case for that - way to paste remote images. IPS text parser worked as black-list of tags and that attributes. So if somebody paste image to the editor with copy element from some other website, where it created as div tag with background image and browser copied it with that visual - then text parser may miss it from redefine dimensions.
  10. Yep. Because you need to define 'position' value in the parent 'forums-front-topics-topic' template. Just open it, find line with {{$postCount++;}} (it placed inside foreach cycle) and after that line paste that: {{$page = (\IPS\Request::i()->page ? (\IPS\Request::i()->page - 1) * \IPS\Settings::i()->forums_posts_per_page : 0); }} {{$comment->position = $page + $postCount;}} It will define 'position' variable to $comment object, which send to post template as argument. And after that your previous code will work. Now that is var not defined and condition is always false.
  11. I solve some other thing, but it can help you, as i think. In forums-front-topics-topic i create new variable inside foreach cycle. before {{$postCount++;}}: {{$page = (\IPS\Request::i()->page ? (\IPS\Request::i()->page - 1) * \IPS\Settings::i()->forums_posts_per_page : 0); }} {{$comment->position = $page + $postCount;}} this will add 'position' value to the comment object. it will move as a param to the forums-front-topics-post template. So inside post template you can get $comment->position value with values, contain number of current post from first page (23,24,25,26,27.. any). Your solution will be like {{if (($comment->position - 1) % \IPS\Settings::i()->forums_posts_per_page === 0)}} {$ads} {{endif}} Hope it help you
  12. You didn't need to disable your firewall for use IPS support. Just ask them their IP's in same support ticket. They share it without any problems and you can add them to your firewall white list.
  13. I am asked topic starter. In that topic i see images except this post. Images in that post stored at S3 and it answer permission denied. @pequeno can you write link to your forum? What a technology of dedicated server you use? Dedicated store server? Ftp connection, mounted folder, Ceph?
  14. Some problems with acl settings on s3? But i am agree - it's strange, because not all stored images didn't work. Try to find image path on s3 and check it (existing, permissions, etc..)
  15. @bfarber, @Lindy - any updates? Not only for event trigger. Need some ability to hook Reactable trait methods (with and without parent calling). In some situations canReact method must working in other way (provided by plugin). And in some situations react method must worked in very other way. How i can do it now? Extend, as example, \IPS\forums\Topic\Post ? It's not clear solution and very unusable extend each react-supported types of content upd.: and some additional improvement request: Reactable trait method react throw \DomainExceptions only with messages like 'cannot_react', id string from stack 'react_daily_exceeded' - can you throw this exception with a some code as a second parameter (different codes, of course) - it will be more right and provide to us better solution for catch this exceptions in our hooks. Like example: try{ call_user_func('parent::react... } catch \DomainException ($e) { if ($e->code === 'something') { do_my_stuff... } Thanks!
  16. Hi friends! Class .ipsMenu_title forget 'line-height: 1.4;' css param as that exist in .ipsMenu_item. Without that it got line-height: 60px from mobile .sSubNav param . And additional question - when IPS will release 4.2.6? I very need reactions notifications limit exceed user message. Without that base i blocked for create my custom plugin logic . Thanks!
  17. We use reactive + special moderator tools. This tool (created as application) add special button 'checked' for every post. It visible only for moderators (by their sections). Moders must read all content and set 'checked' on each of them. This tool make knowing what is already checked by other moderator and other moderator didn't need to re-read already checked content. So they have a special tab in moderate panel, named 'Unchecked content' which shows where (by topic) is most number of unchecked content (they see topic only from their sections). So it was extermely helpful for us for good content check experience. It our must have tool because if we skip something bad (for example, alcohol advert or terrorist's text) - we got a big problems from our police and other government sctructures. So we very accurate with that. And we can't use proactive method because we have a high speed discussions sometime (~5 posts per min - daily average, 60+ posts per min in some hot times - all graphs of that available in graphana). I can show closed demo of that system, if you think it interested to implement as part of the IPS reactive methods)
  18. Anybody here? I can redefine post controller, but it will fix only one place with relative date calling( Or i need to fork editor's JS - it will be hard bad..
  19. As i see it may be some plugin, which return error and block other JS execute. Most chance it is some 'age' plugin. Try to disable it in ACP and check editor. If not - try to diable all others and check again. If it not solve - send new console ouput (when all plugins disabled). upd.: Nathan said right. Try his check first )
  20. This ability will be very useful for OPS team (and for dev's too). I think it is not very hard to develop. We can do this themselves. But our implementation must be supported by us at every IPS update and it will be very painful. What this improvement must do: install app/plugin update app/plugin (just with incoming argv with path to gz / xml file) execute well all inside setup/update parts enable/disable app/plugin or apps module That's it. I think it will be not good only for us. It can open a lot of 3rd_party IPS hosters, which can add personal 'approved' list of apps/plugins, which can their clients install simply. There are a lot of good thing, which will open with that ability. I can write much of them, but i think it is not necessary. Anybody can think their usable situations with that. As one more example - we can do CI for IPS. On some app/plugin commit trigger it can autobuild via Teamcity (or any other) and do a lot of autotests. This will improve quality and waste time for doing that with hands. Or we can simply build simular IPS instance as they exist on a lot of production configuration (with app1, app3, plugin16 and plugin17) - and check any needed problems. Thanks!
  21. I got this issue on older versions, when IN_DEV constant was defined to true (js load problems). In your (production) not dev mode it may be same js problem. At first - try to clean up all caches (ACP - > Support -> Something not working). If it not fix you problem - open Chrome Console (Ctrl + Shift + I -> Console tab), refresh page and see errors with JS. Solve it, or copy them here.
  22. Hi friends. Could anybody help me with mixins? I have a plugin, which redefine relative dates return of \IPS\DateTime class. All worked well, but in some JS-generated blocks, such as quote/citation block in editor return relative date, generated by JS. I found method and file, who did it. But got a trouble with redefine this method with mixin. I read two documents: But there said about mixins for controllers (and i not understand where it must be located, how named and how activate them on needed places). So, better doc or simple example will be perfect for me. Example, which will alert('test') on using ips.utils.time relative method. Calls @Rikki here too Thanks!
  23. And our very special case example - we need to save write access to PM to users, which have temporary posting limit (from warn). And block PM only for users, which are got a permanent ban without date of expire.
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