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    lferezy4 reacted to Azura in Mind   
    Very nice work, I'm half surprised this is a free theme, time is money, money is time and this looks like you put an effort into it. Nice simple and clean.
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    lferezy4 got a reaction from Veilon in 🌌 Surface Dark   
    This guy makes outstanding themes, This is the 2nd theme i bought from him and i LOVE both of them. This theme is perfect for gaming communities that want a nice slick modern and responsive look and feel. you cant go wrong with this theam. The developer offers outstanding support and always replies to his DM's pretty much within the minute. Great theme cant go wrong. 
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    lferezy4 reacted to fvasconcelos in (GS) Server List   
    good aplication, but there are always problems with the updates and the support.is very bad,
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    lferezy4 reacted to TheRealSnowBoi in (GS) Server List   
    It works well, so a star for that - and it looks nice, so another star for that.
    I don't like how the more colum is displayed regardless of the fact it's not being used. The shamless self promotion is pretty over-done - plastering your name in both the admin area and the top of the actual tool multiple times, which you're charging money for on top of that.
    It add two donate buttons to the admin area, after we've paid for it, which seems pretty dis-respectful in my opinion to the fact we've already paid you for the work.
    This also change the admin homepage from the system overview to the game server overview which is also pretty annoying.
    A small bug: when you click the "Show Players" button it just pops up with a list of brackets like below, respective to the amount of players online:
    There's a lot which could be improved on, especially when you're asking for donations on top of the purchase price, and plastering your name around like a proud daddy.
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    lferezy4 reacted to CiberBob in TeamSpeak3 Integration   
    It is a great application and in addition the developer is very professional! If you have a problem they will answer you very quickly and with great efficiency I recommend this application to everyone! Amazing !!
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    lferezy4 reacted to Jai Haze in Donations   
    Great app, just no support at all for authorize.net
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    lferezy4 reacted to iacas in Online Indicator   
    Does a simple, nice thing and does it really, really well. Can't really ask for much more.
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    lferezy4 reacted to Ascendum Gaming in TeamSpeak3 Integration   
    Pretty damn fancy! It's about time for someone to make a TS3 Integrated Application for IPS4. The author is going to make BANK with this app. So far it has a few little flaws here and there, but it seems to be working just fine. I would suggest adding a proper README and instructions, perhaps an HTML Webpage with instructions. Helps quite a lot. Seeing as this is the ONLY Teamspeak 3 App for IPS4, I fully 100% support it and I can't wait to see how it grows!
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