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  1. @Mike John Its possible to separate who can select and who can see teams instead of both in just one option? I want customize a few member groups to select but I want all groups to see it.
  2. Hello,  which theme is this? 


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    2. Rizzini


      Wow, they look awesome. The profile fields looks like a social network. 
      I'll wait for it then, if you release (for free or paid). :lol:

    3. Heosforo


      Thanks mate :grin:, it will be free.

    4. Heosforo
  3. It would be great using external url. Similar to this plugin.
  4. I tried to fix it, can you help me? .ipsPager_title, .ipsPager_type { display: block; height: 18px; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; max-width: 100%;
  5. When the title surpass 100 characters. Same problem with default theme.
  6. Does anyone know or have an idea what may be causing this bug? It happens when you click to look at the notifications and the balloon compresses after seconds, fading all notifications. Initially I thought it would something in the theme, but it happens with IPB default theme as well. Cache issue or something...?
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