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  1. $15.00


    Demo : Link 
    (website en fonction, not demo to test)

    Available customizations :
    - CDN and Assets Frameworks -
    Bootstrap 4.1.3, ready and CDN link custom panel. -> Check Bootstrap docs Font Awesome 5.6.1 ready and CDN link custom panel. (Free version included) -> Check FontAwesome Icons Custom CDN link for FontAwesome , Bootstrap CSS and Bootstrap Bundle JS ready  

    - Slider Bootstrap 4.1.3 ready -
    4 slides ready Disable slider for show new style header Scrolling speed Gradient color Permissions for displaying to user groups Display system on specific pages  
    - Grid System (Alpha) make your own content -
    2 display sizes available (Size 4 or Size 2) Add 5 box in your header Add 5 titles and link and picture in box Permissions for displaying to user groups Display system on specific pages  

    - Pages News (Only application Pages) Post with category -
    Show post in your top forum or bottom Custom color for buttons Custom color for text with buttons Custom color for text (author,comment..) Show Views,Comments,Articles,Author,Title and Link  

    - 4 Tabs styles for custom block forum ( no page application needeed ) -
    Add title, category, text, small text and text button and link and picture Custom color for button Custom color for text button Custom color for category Permissions to show tabs groups users Display pages tabs  
    - Designed for customs styles -
    Custom color for background row forums Custom color for background forums Custom color for widgets sidebar Custom font with google font Custom size text for slider Bim Chatbox ready css Custom background for category forums, read the tutorial. Custom color for nano bar head, style youtube load.  
    Copyright Removal 
    Go to my link to purchase a licence to delete the copyright. 
    Infos : 
    Author : ShepXBFR , this is my first theme in IPB, the next updates is coming soon, I am French, please apologize in advance for my English.
    Version 1.1
    *Coming soon :
    #Weight text , Grid system new functions, back to top, add footer styles (background,menu,font,and others..)
    Suggestions : Color Design

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