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  1. Ah alright! Perhaps add option to export to CSV? All these suggestions I've done are based of the first quiz we ran on our forum and had to go into database to see who scored 100% and then we raffled away a prize between all those who completed 100% on quiz, for 2 winners 🙂 Or if you have better idea instead of CSV..
  2. @Adriano Faria Thanks for the update, the functionality now works - however, how can I obtain full list of of participants and their scores? Seems that through AdminCP function you can only see 20 at most...
  3. Hi, I'm trying to see players through AdminCP but I get this error: Error: Call to a member function getMyPositionInLeaders() on null (0) #0 /invision/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\quizzes\modules\admin\quizzes\_quizzes->showPlayers() #1 /invision/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #2 /invision/public_html/forum/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #3 {main}
  4. Hi @Mike John! I just installed this video plugin today on our testing environment and I am wondering if it is possible to add functionality of having 2 lines of Title below the video? As of right now, title is being shortened if it's too long, replacing with three dots on the end. Example: Community Biggest wins #11 and some more text is shown as Community Biggest win... Screenshot: Also, would it be possible to implement a feature - if you have i.e. 4 videos added on front page and when you open it on Mobile, the listed videos would scroll rather than being shown one below another? It should save a lot of space on the forum in mobile view.
  5. @Fosters I have same issue as the guy who posted about items being in minus queue. Has that issue been looked into / resolved? Running 4.3 & latest version of your plugin.
  6. Hi! This is great plugin, however I have noticed following bugs: On Desktop: - I am using RSS feed for content to be displayed. If I click on image (slide) - nothing happens. If I double click on image (slide) - it takes me to the desired content page (single mouse click on image would be preferred). However, if I click on the description of the slide, the desired action happens - 1 mouse click to be taken to the content. On Mobile: - Tapping on image (slide) will do nothing. Double tap will do nothing. Long tap will show me that image (slide) is linked to desired content but it will still not take me to desired content. If those two issues could be looked into, it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Same issue here as @eGullet. Looks like it loads full images instead of generating / showing thumbnails, thus making the plugin heavy on the load of the forum. Plus access to settings is gone.
    Matthias was really helpful with all the issues we experienced on our website. His willingness to communicate over Skype so we went through problems together and solved them was greatly appreciated. Overall it's a solid product, worth the price for sure. Looking forward for further extensions which we'll be able to use :-)
    Great plugin and although I had some initial problems with plugin not working properly, the developer took time to help me. Eventually plugin started working after reinstalling
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