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    NaisA- got a reaction from TheJackal84 in Tournaments ( Support Topic )   
    @TheJackal84 works perfectly now 👍
    Now I just got to figure out how to make it so when you make a Team, a forum group is made for you. Not sure how doable this is.
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    NaisA- got a reaction from theFUM3 in Tournaments ( Support Topic )   
    @TheJackal84 would you be able to look into why teams cannot join tournaments? I know I also asked about teams turning into member groups as well, but that is secondary. I really want this app to work, can't launch it on my site until it does.
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    NaisA- got a reaction from Chris Anderson in Clubs Enhancements   
    @InvisionHQ I got two suggestions
     Let it be an option where the Club Home Page can be a Page Builder.  Make the Club Description a WYSIWYG Editor so it can be styled.
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    NaisA- got a reaction from Heosforo in Database Tickets / Support   
    I see I did it wrong. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    NaisA- got a reaction from ahc in Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"   
    I totally forgot that's a thing. I don't know why I tried to edit the club module in the back end. 
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    NaisA- reacted to ahc in Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"   
    This can be done by editing the friendly URL for the clubs page.
    ACP: System > Advanced Settings > Friendly URLs Tab > Do a Ctrl+F search for Clubs to find the friendly URLs related to clubs you want to change.  Make note only to change the actual word "clubs" in the "Friendly URL" field, not the "Real URL" field.  You should not change/remove anything else listed in either fields as well.
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    NaisA- got a reaction from TAMAN in Backstretch - Backgrounds [ support topic ]   
    @TAMAN I fixed the issue, it wasn't caused by the plugin.
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    NaisA- got a reaction from AlexWright in Does this Exist?   
    My members want to know if they can situate the sidebar blocks the way they want to. Is that possible?
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    NaisA- reacted to Nathan Explosion in Member ID Help   
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    NaisA- reacted to Adriano Faria in Member ID Help   
    I would change it to 9:

    ALTER TABLE core_members AUTO_INCREMENT=9;
    Not sure what happens if you already have records higher than ID = 9.
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    NaisA- got a reaction from TAMAN in Infraskew Theme [ support topic ]   
    Reinstalling fixed the issue, thanks!
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    NaisA- reacted to Ahmad E. in Discord Integration   
    did you do everything that the documentation states?
    Specifically this:
    if you are comfortable with me (kind of) selling your code then I'd appreciate that
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    NaisA- got a reaction from MADMAN32395 in Discord Integration   
    This happens whenever I assign discord role to the IPS ranks and then sync the ips profile with discord and try to re-access account settings on ips
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    NaisA- reacted to TAMAN in Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]   
    I do not have any plans right now but in feature updates  
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