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    VladTheGreat got a reaction from kmk in Dark theme by IPS   
    I'd bet the only reason for not really having all of this after 4 years (options for dark mode etc) is because they try and get more sales for their 3rd party products (less support to give but still collect the fees from the sale)
    Otherwise why else leave the default skin to be so basic?? Make no sense after 4 years..
    I'll keep ranting till this gets put right, only reason I bought Vuples Dark was to get a dark skin with some options but because its 3rd party, forget help lol, also every upgrade the templates break...... come on, go to be a joke right?
    Also, when i say put right, I'm literally talking about colours, can't be hard to add some options to totally flip the colour scheme in the default skin.....
    I know you hate me, but I hate the product I bought so makes both of us hate something 🙂
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    VladTheGreat got a reaction from ahc in IP Board Bot Fault Finder Idea   
    I thank you for your positive input BUT, I only ever messaged support 4 times, the very first time I lost all my back ups and needed the last version of software I was running at the time of license, to be belittled by staff, trying to squeeze me for license renewal, I was so frustrated that I needed to pay for the software that I already purchased, I was angry, I tried to keep cool, but support just mugged me off, I lost it a bit and was rude (justified I think) so.... not a good start.
    I wanted to keep everything above board and not turn to nulled software just to use what I paid IP for in the first place, technically still legal in my eyes since I have a valid license, but a security risk, I learned everything from scratch without ONE message to support since I bought back in 2016 what ever, I messaged them twice recently because things were not as they should be but just found solutions myself in the end as support are slow to reply, the only time I ask them for the location of a setting or file, they mugged me off telling me that it's a customization and out of scope for support (are you joking? because I'm not laughing), now I'm not feeling like being cool about it, it's not cool, I'm not afraid to to speak my mind here unlike most other users, I paid and have receipts to prove a court that I paid and am entitled to use this software.
    I'm not remotely interested in wasting my time fault finding and searching for hours to answers which should be simply relayed to me in low priority support (I pay support, not the other way round, I'm not here to keep fixing this faulty product), being directed to turn to customers of IPS for support, that isn't even a level I'll entertain.
    IPS staff have now "warned me" and listed me as an abusive customer, I just speak my mind, the only thing they could use against me was a message from 2016 where back then they upset me to the point I ranted off the chain in private message, I made the mistake to renew my license (because I already bought the product) which support was meant to be included with but is non existent for the best part, a joke!
    Now, I'm still facing problems, I'm learning daily how to over come them, something I feel is out of the scope to being a customer, I see many members across this board feeling the same but the cowardly will just fall off when it gets real, in fear of "upsetting a grown man or woman with text", I shouldn't have to be made to feel such anger.
    Now, you know where my anger stems from, not from not knowing where to turn to, no, not getting what I was promised.
    I didn't sign a contract that I would have to solve all the problems with this software to use it and so I'm not under any obligations to do so, nor ask IPS customers for advice (very iffy if you ask me)(what if they get it wrong and I break something, then it's like "on but it's 3rd party advice so can't help you"), if my post offend anyone just remember one thing, offence is taken not given, I can't be offended by IPS, only taken for a ride, 
    Now, I want a working website, I really want to rant on more, but I'm real, be real with me I'll be real with you, I don't want to be ranting about it, though it's good practice typing if anything but a little boring, I could be taking the time to write content, but I can't because the software is so buggy I don't want to risk using it to be let down down the line, as you probably understand, wasting years of my life on a dead project isn't on any ones wish list let alone mine, I would like to write great master pieces and progress past this but so far it's very difficult to say the least, I'm having to turn to places where I thought I'd never turn to again since purchasing the license for support because at least them areas like to keep their users happy!

    Now, you know where I'm coming from, and since my content replies are now restricted and need to be moderated for something I said in 2016, I think that spells it out loud and clear.
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    VladTheGreat reacted to Jennifer M in Guest permissions 4.4.5 issue   
    If you would prefer to disable "Post before registering" you can do so by going to Dashboard > Settings > Posting > Scroll to "Post Before Registering" and change the option to disabled > Save.
    It's not a mandatory feature, its meant to better facilitate on-boarding of new members to make posting into topics they are interested in more streamlined.
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    VladTheGreat reacted to Adlago in Guest permissions 4.4.5 issue   
    Yes, helping @Adriano Faria  was enough for me to eliminate this nonsense.
    Yes, this is a very stupid decision - one option overrides many permissions ...
    Any admin can allow this action in any forums he wants or allow comments where he wants.
    Now this feature allows Guests to publish topics and posts anywhere. In a large and busy forum, moderators and administrators will only deal with such posts and topics without the expectation of registered members.
    The  function "Require approval before content shows?" works perfectly and without this new misunderstanding.
    In order for the new "Post Before Registering" function to be functional, it should only be bound to sessions of a newly registered member, and only while it is actively participating in its session before receiving validation, should it be able to receive this improvement ...
    Yes, but this is not the case now - this feature provides the convenience of publishing to all sorts of guests, spammers and other annoying ...
    Your decision is now, in my opinion, absolute nonsense.
    I'm sorry for my words, but that's the truth.
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    VladTheGreat reacted to Sovereign Grace Singles in Guest permissions 4.4.5 issue   
    I only recently enabled this option and after two days staff begged me to disable it. The recaptcha didn't stop the spam and the staff members were overwhelmed with the amount of spam being posted by guests.
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    VladTheGreat got a reaction from Joy Rex in Dangerous Php Functions Enabled   
    If you're on Godaddy shared hosting, just give them a call and they could assist you with such action, php.ini or php5.ini file is required in root of hosting folder, if you're hosted on other provider just give them a call and they will be more than happy to help I'm sure, very simple even if it doesn't sound like it, it's a small text file with command inside which looks like:
    disable_functions= phpinfo, exec, shell_exec, system, passthru Some useful links you might want to visit are : CHECK MY VERSION and GODADDY HELP WITH PHP.INI
    (Next info is from some deep part of my brain that I can only recall scraps out of)
    The version of php you're running would effect which version of this file you'll need, php.ini is for PHP 5.x onwards and php5.ini for lower version.
    I could be slightly off but it's a start
    Also, sometimes in cPanel you might use a ".user.ini" file, in most cases, you'll need to force stop the PHP processes running to allow the new file to take effect, in some cases after 5 minute or so the processes end automatically anyway so no user input needed.
    What filename does my PHP initialization file need to use?
    PHP initialization files can manage form, server, and environmental variables as well as server-side cookies, temporary directories, error display, and error logging. You can look at the directives these files can control in PHP's documentation.
    The file name your PHP initialization must use depends on the type of hosting account you have (more info).
    Type Filename Location (more info) Web Hosting - Linux with PHP 5.6 (info) php56.ini Root of account (one per account) Web Hosting - Windows with PHP 5.4 (info) .user.ini1 Root of account (one per account) All Other Web Hosting php5.ini Root of account (one per account) cPanel 2 .user.ini1 /public_html (one per account) Plesk .user.ini1 Website root (one per website) Managed WordPress .user.ini1,3 /html (one per website) If you don't see the file that you need listed in your hosting account, you will need to create a file with the filename listed above for your hosting type. If changes to your PHP initialization file are not taking effect, we have troubleshooting steps available here.
    Web Hosting accounts running Windows with IIS 6 do not support PHP and therefore do not support PHP initialization files.
    1 .user.ini files do not let you modify all of the same settings as php.ini files (php's documentation) and are only compatible with PHP versions 5.4 and above (Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk).
    2 When using cPanel, you can also modify the php.ini file when selecting which php version you are using by clicking Switch To PHP Options. For more information, see View or change your PHP version in cPanel hosting.
    3 Managed WordPress accounts also support using php.ini files, but because of the difficulty in refreshing them when they're updated, we recommend using .user.inifiles instead.
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    VladTheGreat reacted to Tracy Perry in IPB4 POP3 SMTP Question   
    Each domain needs an MX record pointing to the server that handles your mail.  That server then needs to have the ability to recognize and accept mail for those domains.  It's normally referred to virtual mail setups.  
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    VladTheGreat got a reaction from gpskhan in IPB4 POP3 SMTP Question   
    Let me start off by saying, I don't know exactly what my problem is!
    So I can't get my head around the pop3 and smtp service on the IPB4, I mean I set it up, it works as it should BUT what I don't get or what I would like to understand is, lets say my site domain is "great.com" and the smtp is set to "vlad@great.com", the MX records are set up for IPB for that domain and I also have the ".co.uk" of the same domain Which the email doesn't work because the domains mx record is set up to run smtp on the ".com" (*) and when I try set up the email for the ".co.uk" I'm faced with a MX error "this can't be setup as the MX records are controlled by another app" etc.
    (*) PS this is where I get lost so please go easy on me and try read between the lines
    What had happened:
    I set up an account online else where (lets say ebay) which uses the ".co.uk" and after that I set up the MX SMTP on the ".com" ( i hope I'm explaining right ) for IPB4, I can't receive emails to the ".co.uk" because the MX records are controlled by IPB and not my email hosting company now.
    What I need to achieve here:
    I'm locked out of the account (lets say ebay) and need to receive an email to the ".co.uk" to reset my password but I'm unable to do that because of the MX error (which states I can't create an .co.uk account due to the MX records being controlled by my IPB4) and I don't want to undo what I've done.
    Can I some how fix this or does IPB let me email my website and it redirects the emails or what?? lol I'm con fuddled and it's hurting even thinking about that I've typed here.
    Ok, I know you're all busy so if you can just point me in the right direction etc I would be EVER SO GREATFULL !!
    Thanks for taking a moment to read my noise  
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