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  1. Hello, I just upgraded to IPS 4.3.4 and my SuperGrid and SuperShow plugins do not display correctly anymore. For instance, in SuperShow, I have a block setup for just 1 record to be show and 1 column display selected. Prior to upgrading, SuperShow would show the 1 record the width of the entire column. Now it shows the record in a smaller box as if the block was setup to display 3 columns. The same goes for SuperPages. Both plugins will only display content in a 3 column setup, regardless of how many records are to be shown. Prior to the update to IPS 4.3.4, the same exact settings as listed above, would show the thumbnail the full width of the block.
  2. @opentype What Goes Here? { font-size: 8px; text-transform: capitalize; } This is all I am asking for. If I knew, I wouldn't be inconveniencing you. I searched via Inspect Element but I have no idea which one to use.
  3. Hello @opentype, How can I edit the titles for the SuperGrid articles when shown on the frontpage? I need to make the font a bit smaller and also not have them in all uppercase. I know it can easily be done via the custom.css file but I just don't know which css selector to reference. I am guessing ipsType_blank but of course, that's just me speculating. Thanks in advance!
  4. That is awesome news! Did they tell you what the issue was? I will probably upgrade my live site tonight and quickly open up a ticket so they can also take a look at it. Thanks for the update, @PPlanet
  5. Out of curiosity, what is the benefit of setting it to Respect Existing Headers? I currently have that setting set to 1 month, but wondering if with IPS, it would be best to set that to respect existing headers.
  6. I guess I need to search better. LOL Thanks @Adriano Faria
  7. Does anyone know of any good tutorials on how to create a plugin? The link to plugin tutorials in the Help Guide is blank.
  8. I guess I will have to upgrade my site in the next few days and open up another ticket as well. Hopefully IPS will see that the issue is not just isolated to 1 or 2 people and give it a serious look. I will make sure to leave the default theme completely stock, so they can see that even with a stock theme, the issue persists AND it will be on my live site as well.
  9. Quick update: @Nathan Explosion's fix works wonderfully! I want to thank him for his quick fix and willingness to always help out. If you haven't done so, go grab his plugin and support authors like him. I already did. ?
  10. @PPlanet Have you installed the latest 4.3.4? If yes, did it fix the issue? I'm getting ready to upgrade but don't want to get my hopes high! I read the upgrade notice and no mention of this being fixed was made, other than the catch-all bugs fixes notice.
  11. Thanks, @Nathan Explosion! I will buy your plugin and support guys like you that are always willing to help out. ??
  12. You are still referencing a template from another plugin. The s1_two_column_first_featured template is I believe from the A Different Styles Template plugin. Just go to your database and make sure nothing is referencing the s1_two_column_first_featured template.
  13. Plugin? So the workaround is a paid one?
  14. Hi @Nathan Explosion... Any more updates on the workaround?
  15. Sweet! Looking forward to the workaround, so I can implement it on my site. ??
  16. Yup! ?? We are almost there, buddy!
  17. ? I wonder if that arrtibute can be forced via custom.css? Just thinking out loud lol
  18. @Nathan Explosion When I open that test page you posted using my iPhone, the second video does show a thumbnail. The one labeled “with kludge”.
  19. Cool, so there is no workaround for iOS users?
  20. Like I said, I never said it was a bug. I am just asking if it was normal and if anyone else is experiencing it. I appreciate your help in helping determine if it's an issue that needs to be reported or not. Thanks! BTW, I already opened up a ticket with IPS =)
  21. What's wrong with asking on the forums as well? That will be the first suggestion from IPS via a support ticket anyway. I never said it was a bug. I'm just asking if this is normal and apparently it should not be.
  22. I've tried on my iOS device using Safari, Chrome and Edge. All 3 do NOT show a thumbnail for the embedded video. On my desktop PC, using Chrome and Edge, the thumbnails do show. The issue is with mobile view. Maybe IPS should include an option to allow us to choose the default behavior of the video embeds? Allow us to use Auto, Metadata or None?
  23. I forgot to mention that this happens only when browsing on a mobile device. In desktop mode using a PC, it does show a thumbnail of the video. It doesn’t show a thumbnail in mobile view.
  24. Hello all, Is it normal for any video uploaded not to have a thumbnail displayed?
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