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File Reviews posted by LDDG

    Behemoth Theme


    If you are on the fence whether to buy this theme or not, let me just say two words to you: BUY IT! This is by far one of the best themes for IPS and not just because of the theme, but also because of the extra goodies such as the "A Different Article Styles" templates included for free.

    As for customer support, hands down one of the best. Author is very friendly, knowledgeable and will respond usually within hours, if not within minutes, with a very friendly and helping attitude. Trust me, at times I feel like I can be a nuisance with so many questions and odd custom requests, and every single time, he has come through with flying colors.

    Once again, it is guys like Taman and addons such as this one, that really set IPS apart from other suites.

    Highly recommend this template and supporting Taman!

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