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  1. I am now populating my new Converted board. Many Members cant remember Passwords from old board or type them in wrong. Although I have the Log In Handler set and saved to lock them out after 6 attempts and to allow them to try again in 5 minutes, it locks bad Passwords out after 2 attempts. Am I doing something wrong or should I submit a ticket to Support? Plenty more questions coming...like: Is there a Preview function prior to saving/posting a Reply? Thanks.
  2. Thank you Mark. Im keeping it Private until Members have all migrated and will try that after.
  3. Please bear with me. I just had my ancient Ikonboard BB migrated/converted to IOS Board....and am learning the AdminCP functions. My old board was mainly a Public Board with a few Private Forums. As such, Guests or Visitors could visit the Board, and immediately look around at Forums that allowed them Permissions to Read. It served as a good marketing tool, since if they liked what they saw they could register. Also Members who chose not to be "remembered" on Sign In could visit the site and act as Guests until they chose to Sign In. What settings do I need to set so my new IPS Board is viewable by Guests and Members that arent logged in, without the Log In screen automatically showing up upon accessing the board? Assuming this can be accomplished, I assume there would be a smaller Register or sign in link available? Thanks
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