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  1. I concur with daveoh about keeping a Board an oasis for Members, and I believe that's through strict but fair moderating, and keeping Boards largely open to Guests for the reasons he described. My experiences running a niche Board for over 14 years mirrors other comments concerning Facebook and particularly Facebook Groups. When I started my Board in 2002 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc didn't even exist. What I now call "Traditional Boards" were the only real social media venue at the time. People came in droves to sign up and participate. They were literally addicted, and if the Board was down for a minute I'd be inundated with emails and even phone calls. The activity peaked in the mid 2000's to the point I could have really cashed in and made my board subscription only to join and participate. I chose to stay with a Donation structure to pay the monthly bandwidth and server costs etc. Then Facebook took hold with free and easy photo and video posting....soon Facebook Groups that mirror-in a Tweeter like way-Traditional Boards/Discussion Forums took off. My Members started dropping like flys. It was uncanny. A Member who hadn't joined Facebook suddenly Friend requested me on my personal Facebook page. Then that persons participation on my Board dwindled, and many just disappeared, but I saw them clogging up my Facebook newsfeed or joining Facebook Groups. Even personal friends I had met in person through my Board and events I've held, bailed on me and my Board, and became Facebook sluts. Zero loyalty, even though they know my Board is a business and the "product" is the Members, personalities and the content and participation they provide. Throughout this grand exodus, my Board stayed viable, but a shadow of its former self. After 14 years I was ready to throw in the towel. But after much soul searching decided to Convert to IPS Board and hope the advanced features, particularly the photo and video uploading feature would keep my Members engaged and help keep a trickling stream of new Members registering. In the meantime I had already started a Facebook page years prior, for my Board, that is worthless, and prior to the Conversion started a Private Facebook Group for Board Members, to act as a supplement to the main Board. Sort of a 'cant beat them join them' exercise. I refuse to expand that Facebook Group out of principle. Ive been on the new IPS Board platform for just a few months now, and it has been received positively for the most part. My core Members have migrated over, but it hasn't attracted nearly the amount of old Members who had stopped showing up after discovering Facebook and Facebook Groups. The more advanced ad placement features is helping me monetize a bit more, but traffic and visits are low enough that I probably won't be able to attract many new advertisers. I am amazed at the functionality as compared to my old Board, but am sorely disappointed that uploaded MP4 and MOV videos will not open or play on iPhones or iPad, as I've posted elsewhere on this IPS Communuty Forum. That alone is a clue as to why Facebook is so attractive and able to poach Members from Boards. They simply want everything easy and free, particularly photo and video posting and are willing to show no loyalty and allow personal info to be gleaned for marketing purposes to get that. I'm going to limp along for the time being, and strangely enough, am fortunate that my core demo is of the older variety, who haven't all embraced Facebook and other newer social media. I do believe that this Board software is the best out there and has the best tools to try and and compete with Facebook. But in my opinion, the heyday of Traditional Boards is long gone.
  2. I'm back...the standard posting of a URL video link to YouTube etc., is standard issue on boards. What makes IPS so attractive is the ability for Members to upload photos and videos directly to a post. This feature is also a great Perk for more advanced or donating Member Groups. After communicating with IPS Support who told me it wasn't a software problem so cant really help...and via a MAC Help Forum I now understand that MP4 and MOV videos upload as attachments to IPS Board posts. I also now understand that on PC and MAC COMPUTERS, those attachments, when clicked, will typically be able to be opened via QuickTime or Video player. AND often, not always, those attachments can be opened and viewed on an Android phone or tablet. BUT and a big BUT is they cannot be opened on an iPhone or an iPad because those devices are not compatible with the type of uploaded file that is generated via IPS. When clicked you get a black screen with an impotent arrow stuck in the middle. This is my first real disappointment since Converting my 14 year old board over to IPS. It amazes me that in this day and age we still see problems when going cross platform between PC and MAC, especially since so many people and so many of my Members have iPhones and iPads. And believe me this is just another reason people will gravitate to Facebook and spend less time on traditional boards. IPS blames Apple for this particular "glitch", Apple blames IPS...FWIW, and bear with me since I am far from a programmer, but it seems that IPS could figure out some way to provide a choice in uploaded video file type that would be compatible with Mac devices.
  3. Is there any stats available through AdminCP to see traffic, visits/unique visits an ISP Board is pulling per day, week, etc., or any other accessible 'on-board' data/stats that would be useful to market for advertisements? Or does an owner/admin need to seek outside info through Google Analytics etc.? Thanks.
  4. How do I view uploaded MP4 and other videos on my iPad or iPhone. (YouTube and other videos linked via URL's are fine, just videos uploaded to the Board) When I click on the video link in a post I get a black screen with a start triangle/arrow in the middle but nothing happens when I click it. (I can open uploaded videos in QuickTime Player on my iMac and view it.) My understanding is uploaded MP4's and other videos upload as an attachment in Posts. But my iPad and iPhone won't default to any video player etc. An advice would be appreciated. This is not an IPS software problem so IPS Support will only tell me to look for help elsewhere. Thanks. Edited 10 hours ago by Brad Eden
  5. Anybody have success viewing uploaded videos on iPhone or IPad? If, so let me know how you accomplished that. IPS Support won't help or advise since its not a software problem. Thanks.
  6. Apparently videos that are uploaded to a Topic/Reply are an attachment. So the device needs to have a video player that will play the video. Anybody figure out how to do this on iPad or iPhone? I've exhausted my googling patience trying to figure out if there is a default app or a video app that would work. Again, all I get when a video file is clicked is a black screen with an arrow in the middle that does nothing.
  7. For some reason I can't view uploaded MP4 and basic videos taken on devices on my iPad or iPhone. (YouTube and other videos linked via URL's are fine, just videos uploaded to the Board) When I click on the video link in a post I get a black screen with a start triangle/arrow in the middle but nothing happens when I click it. I can open uploaded videos in QuickTime Player on my iMac and view it. Any idea what's going on? I am on the most recent updated version of IPS Board.
  8. It depends on your particular Board "culture". My board is going on 15 years old and was recently converted to IPS with the rating system functions. I decided to disable all ratings except for the simple Like function. Rating Members went against my particular boards philosophy that all Members and their participation were equal and important regardless of post count, eloquence and personality. Rating Members was contrary to that goal. I only kept the Like function because I was and am sick of Members constantly comparing the Board to Facebook and asking why the board didn't have a Like button.
  9. Excellent. I am still getting contacted by some Members concerning the strange vertical type problem throughout the board.
  10. Ditto. It's all perspective. I recently had a 14 year old Board Converted to IPS. (Ikonboard believe it or not...) The IPS Custom Services team who performed this very complicated Conversion (PERL to PHP) was great to work with. The results weren't perfect, but all things considered, quite remarkable, and my community stayed alive. My old Board software was dead and obsolete and hadn't seen an upgrade for 10 years. Having the new IPS Support and the Community Forums is a god send. It's easy to take IPS for granted if you've never experinced what I did. I'm quite happy so far with not only the IPS Board but the overall Support from IPS.?
  11. Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks again!
  12. I have my Board Registration/Spam Protection set with reCAPTCHA1. Spammers are still sneaking in. I have it set so Registrants have to fill in enough fields that I can tell if it's Spam, and also set so I have to authorize through AdminCP. I can delete them before being authorizing. ?'s That choice says it provides two words that need to be copied by a registrant, but only one word is actually there upon registration. Is that just a mistake in the description? I thought reCAPTCHA was a solid spam prevention device, why are Spammers still registering? Should I use another choice like reCAPTCHA2; it detects a human automatically and/or provides two(?) words? or keyCAPTCAH; provides a puzzle? and/or should I create a Question/Answer too? What spam protection do other admins use? Thanks...
  13. I'm embarrassed to say I can't seem to get this to work. below are a variety of tries, but when clicked they do not open to an email field. Can you explain exactly how to use the link feature to accomplish what you did? http:// mailto:info@anyboard.com mailto:info@anyboard.com info@anyboard.com
  14. I've seen this on my old iPad with old non-updated Browser/Safari and a Member of my board also experienced this with his 9 year old MacBook. Caused by old Version of Browser. Updated or recent Browser works fine.
  15. Top, in case anyone has an answer. Thanks.
  16. Maybe I'm missing something. On my old board when you typed in an email address into a Topic/Reply post, it automatically became a link once posted. When clicked that email link opened the applicable email window etc. Here Ill try one... info@anyboard.com No Link. Ive tried using the Link function from tool bar but it defaults to a website every time. So, how do you create an email link? Thanks for your patience.?
  17. Got it. Kicked in. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  18. Thank you Nathan. I found the ACP Topics/Popular Now settings and tried various configurations and still no Popular Now block will show up. My board isn't a screamer but is plenty active. Any suggestions of what I can try for these fields: ? posts in the last... ? Minutes, or ? Never ? posts per page.
  19. I decided to add the Popular Now/Topics to my Sidebar/Blocks area. The Block moves there but says. "The Block can not be shown....configuring...show after reloading page..." etc. Ive refreshed, closed and opened Board etc and its blank on Home page. Other Blocks moved there are fine like stats, and calendar. Ideas...?
  20. Got it...Advanced Search...Members. Very nice. Thanks again.
  21. Thanks for the info. OK, so a plug-in, no built in IPS feature. I was hoping to keep everything "native" to avoid potential issues with Upgrades etc.
  22. Is there any way to make a complete Member List available to Members or Groups? Of course a full list is available via AdminCP and through an dividual Member Search, but I can't find anything for Members to review a full list in some format.
  23. Of note. This is on my iPad which is quite old and ready for retirement. I just checked iPhone and iMac and Profile info is fine on those. Might be my outdated iPad.
  24. I recently had Support install (Imon Cloud Hostng) I just noticed in Members Profiles that what they typed in as Location or Interest etc look like this when viewing their Profile...for example: M a s s a c h u s s e t t s Instead of: Massachusetts. ( The Location does appear correctly under Avatar on posts) Same thing for any lengthy Interest. A return after every letter. It makes the fields ridiculously long and is obviously a glitch. Anyone else see this on their Members Profiles?
  25. Thanks Daniel and everyone for the help. can you address this: When I go to Block Manager I see an EDIT button over the announcement/Block. What are Maximum Results? Its defaulted to 5. What is Sort By? Its defaulted to Ascending (A-Z)
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