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  1. On the ancient Ikonboard software there was a Moderator Watch function where you could apply an "eye" icon to a Topic that had potential to erupt or go off the rails. It was only seen by Admins and Moderators. Back in the day I found that helpful to keep track of potentially problem Topics as I cruised the Forums as Moderator. I wish it was available on IPS Forums....unless there is something similar that I am missing.
  2. When on iPad (likely iPhone as well, haven't tried it)... when you try to add a Profile/Avatar photo...On the first or sometimes multiple attempts to "Upload a Photo" and then clicking "Choose Single File" nothing happens. But if you X out of the Profile Photo field a couple/few times and keep trying, the Choose Single File Upload function eventually works. Many of my Members who use Smart devices have never added a Profile/Avatar photo because it always fails on the first try.
  3. Yes, this is a glitch I've been meaning to tell Support about. Actually if you X out of the Avatar Upload field a couple times and keep trying, the Upload a single file function will eventually work. It never does anything on the first attempt. This is on my iPad, haven't tried it on iPhone.
  4. Same here. The automatic edit bar that appears on iPad defaults the IPS edit bar rendering them unusable. There are quite a few things that don't work quite right on devices as opposed to desktops or laptops.
  5. Thank you, I can see all the functions associated with "Add Moderator" but can't find anywhere to specify a Member as a Moderator to a specific Forum or assign specific Permissions to that specific Forum.
  6. Sort of a basic question...how does an Admin assign a Moderator to a specific Forum rather than as a Moderator across the Board.
  7. Is there any way to remove multiple member attachments/photo uploads at the same time. If you go to System>files in AdminCP you can delete uploaded attachments one at a time, but there isn't any way to choose more than one to delete. This is very tedious if you wish to do a bulk delete.
  8. Right now if someone clicks on an advertisement on my forums, the ads website opens in the same window as the Board, instead of in a separate Window/Tab. Is there an adminCP function that can set ads to open in a separate window? (These Ads are placed using the native IPS Advertisement functions/section.) I can't seem to find any. Thanks.
  9. The Leaderboard tab just appeared after the recent upgrade. Unlike the other tabs it has to be clicked twice on iPad Air to open, and then it takes a bit of time to load. At least on my Board on the IPS Cloud Hosting.
  10. Found that, thanks. The content is all code which I won't touch. There is no field to simply type in a custom message. Thoughts?
  11. I'll try again. I am wondering if there is a native Admin function in IPS4 to customize the auto email (if that even exists) that is sent to newly authorized Members. I haven't been able to find it. Actually I'd also like to know if and how to customize the native IPS4 auto email sent when a person registers telling them they need to be authorized.
  12. I have my registration set so I/Admin need to authorize newly registered Members after I review the registration info. I understand those newly registered Members receive an email stating their registration is waiting to be authorized. Question 1: Once I authorize new Members, do they get another email stating they have been authorized to participate on the Forums? Question 2: If they do get that second email is there any way I can customize the content, like "Welcome, please review Board Guidelines etc., etc., etc.?
  13. Thanks, I understand the general Hide function. I'm talking about using the AdminCP to access a Members Profile, Restrictions etc and where you can either Hide or Delete a Members Content. For instance if I have a problem Member and wish to Hide all that Members past Topics and Replies but not Delete them what is Hidden?; the Topics he/she started including all Replies?; selectively hides all his/her Replies on all the Topics he/she posted to, etc., etc.?
  14. Top...just wondering exactly what is hidden.
  15. Got it. Yes, I have added set up some blocks before. Thanks.
  16. Thanks Joel, where would I find that so I can chenage it?
  17. If an Admin or Moderator chooses to Hide a particular Members Content does that Hide just the Topics this Member started or does it Hide all Content including Replies on other Topics? I'd rather know before I did this.
  18. No I'm up to date with all V-4 upgrades.
  19. I notice in this community Board the list of Users on line is listed at bottom. On my board there is a link under masthead that when clicked shows you the Users, avatars etc. (the same thing you see when you click full list here) is there an Admin function to change how the User List is viewed?
  20. My Board is a mess. Error after error after error across the Board functions. Waiting to hear from Support on whether I can take it offline without causing more problems.
  21. I am finding so many glitches right now I may take my Board offline (if it will let me) until there is notice that the Cloud Issues have been resolved, and hope it goes back to normal.
  22. Also cant access Moderator area now. Get the following: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX144
  23. Mine is back up but there are issues that I hope are just a product of the work being done. Can't edit or delete replies as an Admin. Says the content being moderated is missing.
  24. I am hosted on the IPS Cloud and my board was down this morning with the 500 Error. I've been in touch via Ticket with Support and apparently a lot of boards went down. It came back for most of morning but just went down again. Checked my client area and there is a posted Notice that support is working on problems with boards/sites on Cloud Host service and they may be down for awhile.
  25. You can make it so any new registrations need to be authorized by admin or moderator. I have it set so a new registrant are required to add a location, their interests and also the Q&A. I get an email for every new registration and can see the info they registered with, and it's easy to tell what's spam or even a troll. (You can also look at their Profile to determine spam or troll too) They get promptly deleted.
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