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  1. My 2 cents from a total Admin/Mod perspective. FWIW...In my experience running a Board for over 15 years is....that when a Member wants to Delete their account it is often a spur of the moment, emotional decision. Typically they are angry at another Member or something that was written on a Forum. (Of course there are other solid reasons) When contacted I tell them that I don't hold Members hostage, but to understand Deleting their account won't necessarily remove all their content, but they will be noted as a Guest on their Posts etc. I also ask if they would share the reason why, and if there is anything I can do to solve any problems. Sometimes they tell me the issue which I mitigate, some say to hold off for now, and some tell me to please Delete their Account. I then tell them I will do that as soon as I perform some Board Admin work. This creates a small window or grace period like a day or two. The vast majority of the Members who request to complete the Deletion of their account get back to me wanting to stay a Registered Member. They cool off and change their minds. Of course, that personal touch and some might argue manipulative moderator approach might not work in a huge online community or if there are a load of Delete account requests.
  2. Thanks for the responses and recommendation. I found the edit function in AdminCP>Posting, and the listing in Moderator CP.
  3. Since updating to 4.2, I've noticed that when deleting a Topic, the Topic isn't deleted but remains hidden until you once again choose to delete it permanently. I still haven't figured out exactly how to find those deleted Topcis to permanently trash them? Is there a way to edit that function? I'd like to turn it off so when I choose to delete a Topic it removes it the first time. It would seem to make sense for there to be a choice on first stab at deleting a Topic to choose whether to save it as hidden or to permanently delete it....
  4. I noticed that in the native Admin Advertisements area there are choices to view: Pending, Disabled, Enabled and All. Disabled shows all ads both enabled and disabled, just like All. I'm viewing on iPad. Nothing earth shattering but looks like a little bug.
  5. For clarity, I may be a digital dunce, but have been running /administrating/moderating my Board since 2002 or going on 16 years. It's a niche market Board, not huge like many others, but always active and healthy. To show my ineptitude as far as software... I stuck with Ikonboard until a year ago when I Converted to IPB. But I do know how to manage personalities. Again thanks for the input.
  6. From my original post: (Thanks for your patience, I'm not nearly as savvy with the complexities of Discussion Forum software as most here.) That's why I asked the questions...which you just partially answered. But it still doesn't fully explain...at least to me... When you have X amount of Guests Online at what is typically your busiest most active time, the day before an Update, and the very next day, after the Update, the amount of Guest has now doubled or even tripled, I think that's a legitimate question for a Peer Forum. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  7. Just wondering why this particular Update opened the door for more BOT Guests and whether its anything to be concerned about. I use the Board Captcha spam control feature and the Q&A feauture and Administration authorization for new registrations. It's worked pretty well. I also have a few things in Profile required, like Location and Interests that typically indicates a spam registration and especially any trolls.
  8. I understand some Members haven't signed in since the Update. Mainly because I've required some Profile Fields for new registrations that are now forced on current Members before they can sign in. But, the shear number of total Online Users has spiked way beyond what they were before Update, so its obvious to me that something has happened that has attracted more Guests, that aren't just people viewing the forums.
  9. I've only recently taken the plunge and had my Board Updated to 4.2.3. Prior to the Update the number of my Members who were signed-in was always significantly more than the number of Guests in the Online User list. Since the Update the amount of Guests on Board at any time has increased dramatically and often exceeds actual Members. I understand a certain % of Guests are Members who haven't signed-in, and non-members who lurk and read forums. But a large % aren't warm blooded humans. 1, Why the sudden increase in "Guests" since the Upgrade? 2, What exactly are Guests who aren't humans, Bots, etc? And should there be so many and what exactly are they doing? (Thanks for your patience, I'm not nearly as savvy with the complexities of Discussion Forum software as most here.)
  10. Thanks -FP. I never considered a Browser issue. I tried it on iPad in Chrome and lo and behold I was able to access photo gallery on device. And I'm still in 4.1. Very cool.
  11. I am in 4.1 and haven't upgraded yet to 4.2. (I plan to soon, I have reasons for the delay, that's not the point). I've found myself administrating and moderating my Board on my iPad 95% of the time as opposed to my desktop iMac. I noticed you can't upload a new ad file using an iPad, when creating a new ad in the native IPS advertising application. You choose to upload a file and hit Choose Single File...and nothing, nada. I created a low priority Ticket to see if this was true, and haven't gotten a sufficient answer. I added to that ticket that at the least I would like to know if this issue is corrected in 4.2. Nothing. So, if anyone is on 4.2 and an iPad and cares to check that out: AdminCP/System/Advertisements... I'd appreciate it.
  12. I have a small PayPal store on another website (not a Board) with a few products. Is there any way I can simply add a link to that URL/store on the IPB Store page? In other words when Members click the Store button they go to a brief description of the products with a direct Link to that store. I've look at the Store features in AdminCP and can't see how. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  13. Well, yes, but the question of why this has suddenly manifested itself in pre 4.2 IPS hasn't been addressed, nor how to fix it prior to upgrading to the newest Software. I am starting to get complaints from Members about this as well.
  14. I've learned during my short tenure as a Member of this Forum that many if not most Members are very savvy as far as backend script and coding, and generally comfortable fooling with the IPS software, including using the available Plug Ins. Count me as being not one of those Members...I'm mainly a front-end owner, Administrator, Moderator of a Board/Forums. Haven struggled along with the old software Ikonboard for way too many years prior to an IPS Conversion, I'm a bit flinchy let's say. I simply prefer to stay native to the IPS software, as is, rather than risk incompatibilities or glitches upon Upgrades and when "customizing" the software. But occasionally there is a function I miss or want and my only alternative is to consider a Plug In. Being able to have subtitles to main titles in Topics is an example. So, generally how secure and compatible are the available Plug Ins? Is installing Plug Ins a smooth and hassle free exercise? I have read here on occasion that Upgrades seem to glitch up Plug Ins and it's suggested to turn them off when an issue arises. True? If an issue arises with a Plug In upon install or after, will IPS Support as part of my Cloud Hosting Package help fix it? Thanks.
  15. I miss them. On the original...gulp...Ikonboard...when creating a Topic you typed in a title and could type in a subtitle and then the Post itself. Those subtitles were handy in introducing the Topic and prompted what the Post was about, above and beyond the short title. Unless I am missing something in admin area, this is not an option with IPS 4....?
  16. The Support team associated with Cloud Hosting is the only reason I sleep at night...I'm a digital idiot, but apparently a decent Owner, Moderator and Administrator of a 15 year old Board. Couldn't run discussion forums without having the IPS Support on call.
  17. Yes, there is no denying that Facebook or what I call Fakebook has seriously compromised "traditional" discussion forums. Particularly Fakebook Groups that mirror the functionality of traditional forums. Like you, my Board is 15 years old. It was so popular back in the mid 2000's that I could have monetized it by going subscription based. Then the social media giants showed up like Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram. As Fakebook; 'the Wal Mart of social media' grew in popularity my Members started dropping like flies. Even those who I had met and became personal friends with showed up less or not at all, but clogged up my Fakebook Newsfeed. Some even had the gall to invite me to Fakebook Groups that were in my Boards genre. It's like they didn't have a clue that our Boards are a often a business and our product is participation and personalities. The true test was when an active Member who previously expressed no interest in Fakebook, suddenly friend requested me on Fakebook. Then the countdown began....participation on my Board decreased, crap posted on Fakebook and Fakebook Groups increased, and often times they pulled up their tent stakes and POOF, were gone. Luckily my Board has survived, largely due to converting to IPS software, which I think best competes with Fakebook as far as Uploading of images etc. And the connections to other social media venues through IPS is a benefit. But unlike Fakebook that provides FREE EVERYTHING in exchange for ripping off people's "Likes" and interests and shopping habits, we traditional Board owners pay monthly for the data needed to support our Membership. That is something many Members don't or refuse to understand or just don't care. Sorry so long winded...I did start a Fakebook Group that supplements my main Board but I kept it totally private, only for Registered Members of my Board and I only use to keep people aware that the main Board is still alive. I guess my advice is to keep things simple, even though IPS provides a huge Suite of functionality and options, moderate fairly and weather the storm. Traditional Boards will never enjoy the social media clout they once did, but are still a viable resource, and if managed well can live a healthy life.
  18. Got to thinking....Maybe a simple solution would be instead of the optional Message function for a Reported Post, the Message field becomes a mandatory "Reason for Reporting Post" field/Message. The Member could send/type something as simple as "Possible Troll", or "Profanity" or something more elaborate. When they click Submit Report a "Thank you for Reporting Post. A Moderator will check into this ASAP." Message block appears. The only problem is if the Member includes any questions or concerns to be addressed in their "Reason for Reporting Post" Message....in that case we are back to square one.
  19. I don't know. You already typically get a Message from a Member reporting a Post. (I agree that a Message with a Reported Post should be mandatory for the reason you described) And if so you often need to address their concerns/answer there question about the Post they reported. The Member doesn't realize there is no seamless way to Reply back to them so their concerns are often not responded to, (Other than them seeing the reported Post moderated if needed) The hassle also depends on a particular Board. I get few Reported Posts so responding to a Message wouldn't be any trouble, and if I got loads of reported posts I could simply not Reply to the Message. (I also agree that maybe being able to send a Message upon changing status of report to the original Member reporting it might be an option. But still think simply being able to Reply to original Message would be the best bet.) Just my opinion.
  20. Thank you. But, I'm typically on an iPad 95% of the time without an external keyboard or mouse. How can one accomplish that "hovercard" on a touch screen/iPad? As you mentioned it doesn't solve the dilemma. Seems that if a Member chose to add a Message to a report the Message could be treated/coded like any Message or "Conversation", allowing a give and take right out of the chute.
  21. It would be convenient if there was an easier way to Message back a Member who reported a Post. They typically add a Message with the report and Moderator or Admin needs to go to their profile to Message them back or start a new Message to reply to them.
  22. Back to top....to staff, as mentioned this is a glitch on OS devices for Avatars. I've fooled with it a bit.... After clicking icon in Avatar area on Profiles and choosing Upload Photo and then clicking Choose Single File nothing happens, until you click Save (even though you weren't able to access photo library and upload a photo.) You then get the error page saying no image was chosen. Hit back button, X out of old Upload field and try the process again and then it will work. Just so you know.
  23. Some customers of IPS prefer to stay "native" and stay within the available functions offered with IPS. The reasons are varied and not the point of this Topic. Questions to IPS staff or others: What if any is the the vetting process by IPS for third parties to add plug-in uploads to the Marketplace? If a customer purchased a plug-in from IPS Marketplace, and upon upload it caused issues will IPS Support help and correct the problem(s)? Does IPS ever add popular plug-in capabilities to their native software? Or is their a clause of some sort prohibiting this?
  24. So Charles....does that mean we may see this as a native function someday?
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