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  1. 30 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

    Fully appreciate that. Unfortunately on this occasion it was an issue on AWS side. It should be resolved now, but of course please feel free to let us know if you see any further issues

    Thanks. I’m flinchy about going back Online…but will in a spell when I get up the courage… 😬 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

    We are aware of the issues, and these are being looked into at present. I will update on here once this is resolved

    Thank you Marc. We’ve communicated in the past on minor issues and upgrades. As you know I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the Support team this software provides. This prolonged issue just has some of us a bit on edge.

  3. I finally received an email response from Support and was told the problem has resolved itself but they are investigating. I put my Board back Online just now and within a few minutes was experiencing the same connection issues, 500 error, inability to perform the most basic tasks. I contacted Support again. Hopefully they can figure this out soon. This will be the third day my Board has been basically unusable. The natives (Members) are getting restless. This is starting to concern me.

    Could Support please post to this Topic and keep us aware of any progress in addressing this issue?  This is the third day I have been forced to take my Community Offline. 

  4. Same problem as yesterday. Started again at 5:30 PM Eastern. Cloud Connection issues, all sorts of error messages. My Board is basically unusable for Members or Admins or Mods. It took me multiple tries to get to Admin CP and take my Board Offline. Ive contacted Support and have had no response from them. It would be nice to get some sort of update. Boards are largely businesses and are compromised with prolonged down time.

  5. 22 hours ago, Luuuk said:

    Already discussed:


    Thank you. I don’t visit here too often. I did exchange some emails with Support and understand the change. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. I’m glad to see you can still access past Tickets via the “Support Window”.

  6. I just went to my Client Area to start a Support ticket. The old link to that function with all past Tickets/Issues was gone and in its place is a small Support Link on lower right, and when clicked a small window opens for tickets or emails etc. Is this new? Sorta alarming that a robust Ticket function that sometimes dealt with serious issues has been replaced with a tiny email type window.

  7. I have my Board set for Full Registration and manual Authorization for new Members. My assumption is when a new Member is Authorized they get a confirmation email. Is there any way for an Admin to see exactly what that confirmation email is, and if so can an Admin edit it to add info like “Please Review Board Guidelines before posting etc.”? It might be right under my nose in AdminCP but I can’t find it. Thanks.

  8. I’m a Luddite...62 years old and retired from a career in Commercial Art; specifically graphic design. No industry went digital as fast and as completely as the graphic design field. We went from building mechanicals on drafting tables to using computers and Software overnight, starting in the mid 80’s. I developed a severe case of Upgrade PTSD. Back then every upgrade or update of OS, and design software, was wrought with issues. Files wouldn’t open, fonts wouldn’t work, it was always a cluster, and work flow was impacted. We learned to hate Upgrades,

    So, in addition to living in the woods of a Maine with extremely glitchy DSL “high speed” internet at a whopping 7 mbps...that’s not a typo. I put off IPB Upgrades and typically ask Support to perform even the most minor ones.

    Recently I found myself 15 Upgrades behind...with no SSL Certificate...and my Board of 19 years...again not a typo...(I launched my Discussion Community back in 2002 on Ikonboard) was experiencing all sorts of errors and issues. 

    I finally contacted Support, and they were responsive and professional and they resolved the SSL Security situation, and the Upgrade(s), and moved my Board to the new Cloud II Server. There are some minor Member issues to work out, and I’m becoming accustomed to the new features, look and functionality, but generally things on Board are snappy and going well. 

    For someone who isn’t as fluid as many here with the backend of the IPB Suites and Software, and suffers from Upgrade and Digital PTSD,  having the Support team on call is a huge relief. I’m not putting off Upgrades any longer...I promise.

  9. I guess Support wont address this through a low priority ticket, even though it's not a third party Theme download, but is basic IPS Appearance functions. Posted this in Theme Assistance Forum but no takers.

    Pretty simple I think.

    In my admincp/appearance/themes and in my frontend default theme. I can't seem to find the text field to change the color of the text in the title bars in the sidebar content: POPULAR NOW, UPCOMING EVENTS, MEMBER STATISTICS, etc., etc. As is, they are set to a color that is almost impossible to read in the darker colored bar, and I want them white. Can anyone direct me to exactly where I can change that particular text?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. OK, good to know. I'll have to wait, and will notify Members who have asked. Thanks for the prompt responses.

    I do wish that when viewing all Notifications, that you/Members could click a box next to the ones you want deleted, and delete them.

  11. Despite running an active niche Board for going on 17 years I remain a bit of a technophobe. I tend to put off any Upgrades/Updates be it on computers, smart phone or tablets, and also the Board Software. I suspect it's because I'm a bit long in the tooth and started out as a graphic designer working on a drafting table and building mechanicals by hand....before "desktop publishing" became a thing. I remember when the first Macs came out and then to market, and I bought the first Mac Classic home computer. I have ridden the rocky web/tech wave ever since. Way back then, any OS updates caused nothing but headaches, with incompatibilities with software and fonts etc. Technology has come a long ass way, but I am still flinchy.

    I also have a home office a bit off the grid in rural Maine, with ridiculously slow and unreliable broadband "high speed" internet. Max is 7 Mbps...not kidding. (Remarkably my IPS Board is still reasonably snappy) And the DSL internet pops on and off constantly. So I am reluctant to even perform the simplest Updates.

    Thats why I appreciate this IPS Software (That I converted to a couple years back) and especially the Support that is built into the Cloud Hosting. Although I don't utilize the vast array of functionality that comes with the IPS suite, the peace of mind is still worth the cost.  

    So....this is just a shout out to the IPS Support team. Some of us Cloud customers aren't young or coders or even particularly web savvy. Thanks for the Support, and putting up with our demands and often stupid questions. 

  12. 11 hours ago, bfarber said:

    While I can sympathize with your viewpoint (and the reasoning behind it), keep in mind that "bots" consume the same server resources that a "human" does.

    That said, our algorithms do not directly correlate to your online user list.

    Understood. Well sorta. I don't understand what you mean by algorithms not directly correlating to online user lists. Could you explain that to an ISP user that isn't nearly as digital savvy as the majority of Members here?

    Is there any way to cut down on all the Online User "Guest" Bots if they do impact Cloud Hosting Plans?

  13. I had a strange and extreme Online Users spike a month or so back. I'm a Cloud Hosting user so the system/software automatically increased my Plan to the next level...which put me over what I can realistically afford. I wrote a somewhat panicky ticket to Support and although they couldn't explain the anamoloy of Online Users, they put me back to my original Cloud Hosting Plan after everything went back to normal, and before the next billing period. I also have an issue with Guests being considered Online Users and part of the max limit of Users over a period of time. I have almost an equal amount of Guests as I do Members Online at any given time. Granted, some Guest are humans lurking or Members not signed in, but the majority are bots or something from what I understand. Those shouldnt be included in any Cloud Hosting costs/plan. IMHO.

  14. 2 hours ago, Steve Bullman said:

    thats the problem these days though isn't it...they don't have to.  They just disappear off into facebook land instead and are never heard of again

    That certainly is a problem that I've lamented about many times on other Topics on this Community Forum.... But I don't think it's necessarily the IPS mobile version that makes them disappear. On a good note I see an uptick in participation from Members who haven't been around my Board, but have Facebook fatigue...and are discouraged by recent FB privacy issues.

  15. I Converted from a 14 year old non-mobile capable Board to IPS three years ago. I haven't had a single complaint from the Membership about using the native IPS mobile functions. Likely because they never were able to use Tapatalk before so dont know what they are missing...although many Members belonged to other Boards where they used Tapalak for mobile. Members or people in general don't like change, its human nature. They will get use to the native IPS mobile if they have to. IMO.

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