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  1. Back in 2002 I had the "brilliant" idea to create an "Online Magazine" As a commercial artist/graphic designer I was discouraged with how poor layout and design was on the web back then. I wanted to create an Online presence that reflected the aesthetic of a glossy print magazine. But...this was well before Wordpress, Blog software etc was even available, and repopulating content using Dreamweaver was laborious and inefficient. I was on dial-up as well. Luckily on a whim, I uploaded Ikonboard BB software as part of the Online Magazine. The Board took off like a rocket. Boards/Discussion Forums were generally in their infancy and were the only social media, since Facebook, Twitter, etc hadn't been created yet, or hadn't taken hold. It was the Wild West on BB's back then and a learning curve. Eventually all my available time was taken up Managing/Moderating the Board so the magazine side collected dust. Believe it or not I stuck with Ikonboard until a few years ago. I may have been the last hold out. It was a nightmare and eventually that PERL based Software required a dedicated server at a huge monthly cost. I was pretty burnt out at that point and was contemplating calling it quits running a traditional Discussion Forum, especially since Facebook was drawing so many Members away. But my Members talked me into keeping it going. I researched all the free BB software and other monthly contract BB's including IPS. I loaded a few test versions and was happy and surprised that IPS was the only software that would and could do a complete Conversion of what was a 14 year old Ikonboard BB at the time. My Members helped with the Conversion costs and despite the usual headaches and adjustments, my Board has been IPS based for going on 3 years. This is outstanding Community Software and I still keep things very simple and only use whats native to the IPS Software. Converting to IPS saved my online community.

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