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  1. Hello @TAMAN, I would like to know how I can set one specific category and its forums to Grid View and leave the others normal. Thanks!
  2. @Kevin Carwile Can I send you feature suggestions & ideas? Thanks in advance for deciding to go and build this damn thing. Trust me, it will be another hit as it's wanted by many people and most importantly that it will be developed by YOU!
  3. Yesssssssss!!!!! This means an integration with rules and HOPEFULLY with collabs!
  4. One more thing please, can we ask other devs now to make an application with the same concept? would you mind?
  5. How is this a problem? If you will, they won't. How are we going to know if we are satisfied or not and we haven't even seen it yet?
  6. Hello Newbie, I am planning to use this app for my none-football tournaments. They consist of both League based tournaments and play-offs brackets. Will there be in the future a play-off brackets based structure? Examples: 16 players or teams Also, can league tables get embedded to topics? (suggestion if not, show first 3 places and "Click to see full table).
  7. Hello @newbie LAC As usual, thanks for your amazing work! Would it be possible to add the following feature? View in all forums except: Thanks advance!
  8. I have not updated to 4.2 yet. Does this mean I cannot upgrade collaborations too?
  9. For those who have IPS Geo not enabled because of an none renewed licensee, this would be helpful.
  10. Also it would be better if the widget works both horizontally and vertically unlike the widget now as it doesn't adapt to its position.
  11. How can I make the recent collabs widget show the collab logo and not the creator profile picture?
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