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  1. Support and communication has been complete crap. Amazing themes, horrible support and communication.
  2. When using the slider, if you delete the background images, there are issues displaying any sliders after the first one because the previous slides before it are not hidden and then all slides overlap. Is there an ETA on any of these fixes? It's crucial that my website is able to function properly. EDIT: The guest message is invisible on the contact us page. The slide is there but there is no content. EDIT2: When the Transparent Header Layout is toggled on, the header is not transparent. When toggled on, it should be transparent. It seems like a lot of the configuration settings are backwards. I'm really hoping to see a big bug fix update soon. EDIT3: The slider covers a lot of content in mobile view. EDIT4: Avatars display when browsing the forums are out of alignment on mobile view.
  3. Also, it seems the Article Slider doesn't work either. =(
  4. Amazing theme! There seems to be an issue when you have too many navigation links. The search bar doesn't cause the navigation links to condense down to fit the page. See attached images for a visual representation. Edit: Also, the guest message doesn't seem to show up when toggled on. Edit2: The show spinner toggle in the 'Other' tab seems to be inverted. Off shows the spinner, On disables the spinner. I recommend making sure no other settings are inverted. Edit3: Member Avatars when searching members do not display properly.
    Before buying this theme, I messaged TAMAN with some pre-sales questions. He responded quickly and answered all of my questions. Very professional and seemed like a nice guy. I also got quick support after purchase as well. As for the theme itself, it's simply gorgeous. I don't see a lot of unique themes out there for IPB4, which is a shame really. However, this is one of the few gems out there that simply stands out from the rest. The theme looks clean and modern, and supports a wide variety of customization options. You can't beat what you get for the price point. I would highly recommend this theme to others.
  5. Awesome, thanks so much for the information.
  6. I love your theme! It looks beautiful and there are plenty of customization options! I do have a few questions: I heard there is an issue using the 'Upload a new version' option. If there is not an issue using this update method, will custom color modifications be lost when I update your theme? If there is an issue using this update method, do you have instructions on maybe adding our own palette within the colorizer tab? That way we can easily restore our color configurations when we update the theme. If there is no workaround, will using the custom.css file work fine to modify theme colors using the !important declaration?
  7. I saw the other thread was closed before I could leave my feedback. So I'll leave it in this thread. This is a feedback response to @Chris Bell found at his thread here: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/432459-this-is-uncool/ I'm going to have to agree with Chris Bell on this one. Mine expired recently too, and I prefer to wait 6 months to a year to renew. Major security flaws in the software should be fixed for free. This flaw is a result of IPS Developer oversight. Furthermore, take a look at their License Terms: "Note that, whenever possible, security patches are made available to all customers even if you choose not to renew your service." I expect IPS to honor this statement to all customers. EDIT: I would like to request that IPS Staff does not close this topic as I opened it for constructive feedback posted in an appropriate matter. If anyone else is out of line, deal with the individual personally and do not negatively bring my thread down with individuals who cannot provide feedback in an appropriate matter.
  8. I plan to use the warning system as well, but from what I understand suspending from accessing the site via the warning system also prevents them from viewing pages/forums. Unfortunately, that's the biggest problem. Using membergroups I can achieve that, but once again I can't stop someone from spamming replies to status updates. =/ I'll create a bug report in regards to status update replies, as I don't imagine it's intended by design to be able to restrict everything except that. I'm still hoping the developers here at IPS would consider adding a setting for actual bans that allows them to passively view when logged in.
  9. First, I'd like to request that the default built-in ban system allows users to still view the site, but removes the ability to interact with the community at all. This includes restricting posts, status updates, status replies, PMs, signature/avatar/cover photo changes, etc. Basically, there should be an option for bans to allow members to still view IP.Pages and IP.Forums as well. Just because you have to ban somebody does not mean your site should be completely off-limits to them. As a workaround, I've resorted to creating a banned member group. While I lack the ability to set unban dates and to view only all members that are banned, it seems this is the easiest work-around. I only have one problem. I can limit almost everything I need, except the ability to prevent status update replies. This is inconvenient for me because the idea of banned users is allowing them to be able to view content but to not be able to partake in any community interaction. Banned users using member groups could retaliate and spam status update replies. I believe there should be a way to disable this in permissions, and if not then disabling the ability to post status updates should also prevent the replying of status updates. Many may not agree with me and believe a ban should prevent all access to a website, but I believe that preventing access to a website is not the solution. Users should be free to browse your website and should also be allowed to make support requests in regards to previous purchases, billing, ban-appeals, etc. I look to provide quality customer support, and it feels wrong locking someone completely out of the system especially if they're a prior customer and have a billing problem.
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