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    Thanks again for updating this *extremely useful* plugin. We've been avid users of it since it's inception and will continue to be; it's imperative that this feature is available to us. We've gotten to the point where we won't update our board without ensuring this is updated along with it! 🙂
  1. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before or not - but how would one go about enabling/disabling fields depending on the selection of a previous field? For instance, let's say you have three fields. The first field let's you choose one of two selections in a Select Box field. You select the first selection in the Select Box Field, and the third field grey's out and/or becomes invisible/unseen. If you select the second selection in the Select Box Field, the second field grey's out and/or becomes invisible/unseen, while the third field remains visible or appears. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? One might consider this "conditional fields", as an e.g.,: https://codepen.io/memco/pen/BajpD
  2. @Slin There's three locations for permissions. Forums permissions. Category permissions. And finally, User Group permissions. Are they all set to see the forum in each permission location?
  3. hey @jcdesign There seems to be a padding issue on the main page. Please see the following screenshot: This can be fixed of course with a custom.css line, but I thought I'd bring it up.
  4. I fixed this by creating a new topic and merging the old one into the new one. Seemed to happen after upgrading to 4.3 beta 1, if anyone's curious or wondering.
  5. I have a forum topic, and the posts within that don't appear to be sync'd correctly. It's the only topic on the entire forum (our DB is over 15G) that is behaving this way. When viewing the forum_topics table, it has the last_post as the 50th post, but there are at least 25+ more after that. When viewing the forum_posts which are attached to the forum_topics ID table, all of the posts are present. Is there a way to force a re-sync of all the tables so that posts re-appear on the topics that they should be appearing on? (FWIW, I've already used the support tool and disabled all customizations and nothing was fixed/changed).
  6. Hello, Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but my Plugin continually resets all custom values every time that: A new plugin is installed. A new plugin is uninstalled. An update is applied to IPB I'm kind of getting annoyed that I have to re-apply the settings each time when any of the above happens. Do you have an idea what might cause this kind of behavior? Thanks
  7. Thanks @Meddysong, I suppose this was more of a suggestion than a 'request for support'. Regardless, the line to remove in the template would be under the "record" item: {{if $record->editLine()}} <span class='ipsType_light ipsType_medium ipsType_reset'> ({lang="edited_lc"}) </span> {{endif}} In case anyone wants to remove/modify it. To do what I was suggesting, just move the if statement around the $record->editLine() to allow for easy removal/adding back via the actual SuperDocs settings: <p class='ipsType_reset ipsType_large ipsType_blendLinks'> {{if settings.SuperDocs_showauthor}} {lang="content_record_started_by" htmlsprintf="$record->author()->link()"} {{if $record->editLine()}} <span class='ipsType_light ipsType_medium ipsType_reset'> ({lang="edited_lc"}) </span> {{endif}} {{endif}} </p> Anyways. Much love. My comment to you @opentype wasn't meant to be sarcastic, hope ya know!
  8. Ahh, right. Thanks anyways. You'd think something like that would remove the whole thing pertaining to the author.. not just the name of the author. Appreciate the support.
  9. Hey opentype - Love your SuperDocs - I've bought a few of them over the past year. I do have an issue though - there's an option in SuperDocs that says "Author in Record View". When unclicked, it still shows (edited) and the time the article was added. How would I remove both of these?
  10. Oh - yum clean all yum update Would have fixed that. No need to restart over that. Glad you got it working though.
  11. Have you checked group settings, under the "Social" tab?
  12. Rather, is /root/tmp writeable? (-rwxrwxrwx) - if it's other than root trying to write to the /root/tmp drive, anyhow.
  13. Hello, I'm looking to do some HTML customization on some themes, specific to a forum and how 'threads' are displayed. I have an idea how to do this in my head, but putting it into practical code is difficult, being I don't know what variables I can use, identifying forum ID's, etc. I only want this edit to work on forum ID 46. I understand I would have to put in {{if}} statements to call this, but I don't know what "variable" to check if the user is looking at forum with ID 46. All non-moderator users, when post is made, display as a different user's ID. Specifically, ID 2105. So all posts look like they've been made by user ID 2105 - this includes photo, and username, and reputation, etc. All the 'userbit' info. Non-moderator users should not be able to tell the difference between other users. Moderator users would always post as their own ID. Moderator users would see original IDs of posters in forum. Essentially, this would be a hard coded 'anonymous' feature. I coded something similar to this with vBulletin years back, but when I made the plunge to ipBoard, the code is obviously different. Last post bit would have to show as user ID 2105 as well, unless the last post was a moderator, for instance. I know there's a Post as Anonymous plugin already, however, it's not optimized for 4.2, and I prefer to make it so users don't have to worry about 'ticking' a button to remain anonymous when posting in this specific forum. Any and all assistance in this would be wonderful. Such as which html templates I need to edit, and which lines show what. Identifiers and variables would be wonderful too, and some examples. I'm having a hard time finding literally ANY table of contents that displays every bit of information that I need regarding identifiers and variables and how to make use of them in the custom HTML templates. Thanks a lot!
  14. Yes - for some reason, the 'check anonymous' feature for moderators doesn't show up on the top of each post. Is there a way to force this to show? Maybe a template edit?
  15. Any chance we can get this updated to 4.2? Will definitely pay additional. My forum depends on this plugin.
  16. I know I'm one of the few - but can you please include support for Anonymity!? Regardless, this is gorgeous. Can't wait until the full release.
  17. Thanks for the support! You're awesome!
    Best support I've ever received for a theme. A million thumbs up - he's earned a long time customer. Thank you @TAMAN!
  18. Hello, Beautiful theme! Had to get my hands on it, and so I have. $30 well spent - however, a problem: When displaying a database, the header (where the title/description is) doesn't have padding like it should. This is also true with the initial comment within databases: I appreciate any support you can provide! Thanks!
    Author fixed any issues I ran into. While it may not have been quick (he didn't see my PM) he was able to fix it the moment he read my PM. Wonderful APP, I use it on my forum to distinguish my administrative team from other posts, and it just looks absolutely awesome. Thanks for the cool app.
  19. I just wanted to add that, although I've run into a few bugs (and submitted some bugs in the bug tracker), submitting a support ticket is usually the fastest way to fix your particular issue on your own forum, and it's generally a very quick fix that's addressed within a few days. I fail to understand why people are complaining about the multiple venues that you have access to, to report a bug. I see the tracker as something you can live with, but a nudge to the developers that something is broken. A support ticket is generally concerning a bug or issue that you simply cannot live with, and the staff is generally on top of that like white on rice, and get you fixed up in a jiffy.
  20. Easiest, smoothest update so far. Not sure why other people are having issues..
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