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    Natea reacted to IrishInsanity in Discord Integration   
    Amazing App. If your gaming community uses Discord this is a great way to network your website and Discord together. What this App does for your community is keeps your users informed without them actually having to check a website constantly. Essentially, if you wanted, you could turn discord into a one-stop-shop for communication outside of video games. Remember, an informed gaming community is a healthy gaming community.
    Also worth mentioning that the support for this App is really good. Was really excited to see Calendar Events as a new feature when I went to update the App today.  
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    Natea got a reaction from Brian A. in Melody by ThemeTree   
    I love this Theme for my Roleplay forum.
    @Brian A. it's a excellent designer, and support about the Theme issues is awesome!
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    Natea reacted to Elision Magazine in Group Collaboration - FULL   
    Absolutely perfect, the only thing missing is a rosters bracket section within the collabs. This would attract be the 5star addition.
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    Natea reacted to PatrickGER64 in Steam Login Method   
    Its work NIce, Thank you!
    IPB 4.1.9
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    Natea got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Change Group in Moderator Panel   
    Works great!
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