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  1. You have that information in the PM I sent you
  2. Hi, @newbie LAC It's possible add Tabs into the articles/records from Pages App?
  3. I have the same issue on my latest donations. I have latest IPS v4.5.4.2, and the latest version Donations App v3.5.0. I have the IPN enabled in my Paypal account, with my URL. In Payment logs I see something like this: Guest 09/01/21 02:52 IPN/API Mismatch IPN/API request made that does not appear to be from the Donations application. @Michael.J
  4. But, I disabled this option by default. My users can't customize this option. I want all my users see the forum in table view + some forums in grid with your plugin. My forum settings Plugin settings If I check my admin account with the option you said above, I see the forum like this: The grid view is strange :S
  5. Yes, I have default invision skin, I use default. I selected 1 Category of forums to show in grid view, but shows all in grid 😞
  6. 1.0.7 doesn't work for me in a 4.5 I use default theme, selected only 1 category for a grid view in the plugin, but when plugin is active, all forums view in grid mode, @DawPi
  7. Since the latest update I can't create new and edit notifications, It shows this error:
  8. Well, I don't want disable it, I want use the feature, but I need clean all messages at this time. How I can do it? :S
  9. Hello, I want delete all profile status updates from all forum users. How I can do it? I don't see any option in AdminCP to mass prune posts-topics or in this case, status profile messages.
  10. Hi @Kevin Carwile I updated my forum today to 4.4 and I renewed the App in Marketplace. I updated to the 1.4.6 and I have the bug When I navigate in the Categories, now the text looks in the right side (example): With default theme it's the same And when I clic "Browse" button, the bug appears with error page (screenshot): Sorry for my poor English xD
  11. Thank you so much! I really need Pages compatibility :3 The plugin works great and your support is amazing, @Nathan Explosion ^^
  12. Great plugin, recently purcahed 🙂 It's possible add support to Pages App? Some content I need hide it's in Pages.
  13. Natea

    Mind Theme

    Wow! This theme is awesome! Good stuff, clean and professional. Thanks for release it for free
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