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  1. Hi, is there a way that you know of to be able to integrate the "Staff Roster" from IPS into the Super Docs ?
  2. Looking at other sites that have used your plugin, they have been able to add images to theirs: It seems to closely resemple your plugin called Pages SuperTopics, would it not work to use that plugin to be able to have them display images?
  3. Do you have a plugin for enabling images on the posts within the categories of your super docs by any change as I would love to be able to add images to them if so. @opentype
  4. ok cool thanks, I have done it and it works great!
  5. Hi, I am quite new to articles within IPS so bear with me, When I went to install the file the PDF states to install the "Super Docs Settings plugin" which I did all well and good however, when I came to going to "Pages>Databases>[Your Database]>Edit" I was confrunted with three databases. assuming the tutorial meant the main one I used the "Articles" one and procided into the settings for it, then I have a message that states " You have 2 categories in this database. You can only have 1 category to store records in the database directly. If you wish to disable category support please move articles to a single category and delete the no longer needed categories." so I don't know if that may be causing an issue. When I come to use the category templates that are specified there are non of the ones that are listed in the PDF as shown below: As I say I am very new to articles within IPS and getting them to work on the front end so any help you can provide me with in reguards to this issue would be much appriciated. 🙂
  6. Thank you, I am looking into adding a lot more stuff into it like Teamspeak 3 and Discord integration for the Teamspeak 3 and Discord servers my community runs, then it'll help automate the proccess of tags a little bit better. P.S there is a lot more on the site but it requires you to be signed up to access the content.
  7. Kings Realm Gaming Community Website - kingsrealm.net/
  8. That's sorted it thank you, your applications for IPS are really great and I hope to be able to use more of them in the future 🙂
  9. Thanks, however its still requring me to have a title so it ends up looking like this:
  10. Hey, Thanks for the update it looks great. I cannot however seem to be able to upload a single image and have it strech the full width of the banner as I am being required to have a minimum of two images as well as the content in mandatory? could you please change this? Keep up the great work thanks 🙂
  11. Yeah like to have the leaders above in two or three boxes say and the admins and mods under them in slightly smaller boxes?
  12. Also would be good to see some sort of ogrnization with the members block so we could have leaders of a clan above the admins etc
  13. When using the forum block I have notcied that is it also including posts form other categories? can way we could fix this? Thats the setting it's set to however this is the outcome I am getting.
  14. Hey, any ETA as to when we can exspect these features to drop in a new update ?
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