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  1. Kingz

    Christmas Lights

    @wohali I have tried editting the CSS for it and by centering it or trying to put it to the left of the screen thinking it would start from the left of the screen to the right doesn't seem to work, any ideas?
  2. Kingz


    It would be really great to disable the mouse follow feature
  3. Kingz

    Christmas Lights

    @wohali is there anyway for you to center the lights in a new update?
  4. Kingz


    Hi @wohali where is the setting to disable the follow mouse?
  5. Kingz


    Bug Report, when the snow is enabled some of it gets stuck on the center of the screen? Edit: Also the Snow when it reaches the bottom of the page begins to infinatly expand the vertical size of the window instead of getting to bottom of the page and disapearing
  6. Kingz

    Christmas Lights

    Hi, I'd like to draw your attention to an issue with the Lights displaying incorrectly as they are not centered/ missing on the right hand side of the desktop screen. Please could you fix this? Edit: Afer some investigation the lights seem to just not be centered and instead allow the user to scroll horizontally to the right to see the rest of the lights. Thanks 🙂
  7. Kingz


    Thank you!, I have an issue with it not displaying on my site though? Is there a setting I need to change once I have instelled them as you talk about settings for the plugin however I cannot find them in the ACP? Site URL: https://kingsrealm.net/ Edit, nevermind I found it XD and it works now thanks 😄
  8. Hey, can we get the Gallery edited or a new block added for the pourposes of just adding an image without the option of viewing the image, like a banner basically. as for the Top of my community site I just want to be able to upload internally or externally via a link to the image an image of a banner which would be displayed. At the moment this the closest we can get to a stright up banner however we have to upload the image to the site via the gallery and then also we have the issue of it showing the name of the image and a button to view the image which we want to remove please. Edit: also can you make it so we don't have to have a title for the block as we just want the image on it's own. Thanks 🙂
  9. There is mine but we have't finished our page although it is live right now if you want to check it out https://kingsrealm.net/
  10. Hey, would you be able to disable the *required fields* for the text in the main block. Or just implement a feature where a block is built solely for the upload of an image to be displayed? Also it would be great to see some sort of graphic stylized way to show a history in my case an over view of the history of my community. Thank you for making this app and I look forward to see what else you add to this in the future 🙂 Edit: Also it would be nice to be able to make titles and everything centered like in the image below shows:
    Installed originally without any issues on my first site but on my second site there was a conflict with a removed steam login handler, support was first class with the issue sorted in no time. If you want support that will respond quickly and be helpful then don't worry Really worth every penny!
  11. Hi, we followed through with your instructions on how to enable the article for Fline but it doesn't appear to be working. We uploaded the templates onto the record feed but it isn't updating the look and style of articles let alone show them.

    1. Veilon


      Hello! Describe the problem in detail write to me In PM, we will help You to solve all problems.

  12. Hey, thank you for the answer. Its not the "Read" or "Not Read" icon, but the group image. I make groups, and configure a group icon for them. The profile page shows the actual group image without cropping it properly and just a post on the forums does crop it. **EDIT** To clarify, its the section on the profile group image CSS:
  13. Hey, i've been using this theme for a while now and its always been like this but would be nice to get it fixed. When you make a group and assign it an icon, there are some size bugs. The image is getting cropped all fine when you look on a post of the specific user, however it doesn't get cropped on the users profile. Could this be changed or could I change this myself in the CSS ? Thanks Left the profile page and right a post
  14. Like explained multiple times above, you can use either the patch for ISP v4.1.10 or use CSS to get the background working. Read the posts above to fix this issue.
  15. I excluded things that could cause it and its the Veizor theme thats causing it. When I use the IPS support (default) theme I can delete, move posts etc. However when I use the Veizor theme I still get the CSRF problem. Anybody knows what could cause it or how to fix it?
  16. Who you replying to? This Theme.php doesn't fix the issue with removing a post.
  17. @AquilaTempestas Look at the posts above, you can fix this by either using one of the methods. @Denis M There is a bug or a problem with this theme. I am using IPS v4.1.10 and somehow the CSRF protection key doesn't match. When I go in a forum, select a topic and try to delete it I get the following error http://prntscr.com/avcrrp This also happens on a clean install of the theme but not on the default IPS theme. This must be some bug with the theme I guess? How can I fix this. Thnx!
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