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File Reviews posted by Kingz

  1. My Community has been using this application for a few weeks now and we are extremely happy with it, this application has enabled out administrators on our TeamSpeak sever to be able to dedicate more of their time towards handing users needs with rooms and ensuring that members are enjoying themselves rather than having to constantly check if eveyone has the correct groups by having to constantly referance the website.

    If your on the fence about buying this application for your community then look no further as this is a great asset to any community! The support is currently limited bug fixes at the moment due to the developer being very busy with his job however you can still request features on his GitHub Page, support for bug fixes is quick and easy as he's very friendly to deal with and will work with you to diagnose any issues you may have when the application is in operation.


    I would recommend this application to anyone running a IPS website with a TeamSpeak Sever. 😁

  2. I only purchused this the other day for my community and already its showing its worth in gold, great application with some very handy features.

    I have asked the developer to add some features in to make the application even better but as for now if your on the fence about buying this application then look no further as this application dominates when it comes to bringing automation to your Discord server and linking it perfectly to your website!


  3. Installed originally without any issues on my first site but on my second site there was a conflict with a removed steam login handler, support was first class with the issue sorted in no time. If you want support that will respond quickly and be helpful then don't worry :)


    Really worth every penny!

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