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  1. How can I make the search feature set to 'all content' by default. This is bugging my members, they just dont understand it, or assume it should be searching all content
  2. so do I have to have cloudfront along with s3?
  3. This is my next step. Does it help with site speed? Does amazon do a better job of compressing images? Having major speed issues currently
  4. Hmmm ok. Is this a setting my host would change?
  5. Can anyone tell me why the image magick option isn't selectable? I have checked with my host and it is installed on my server.
  6. Can someone tell me where I can fine the setting for this please? It currently appears to show anyone who has been online within 30 minutes. I would like to increase this but can't see where. Thanks
  7. This is something I desperately want also. It can't be that hard surely?
  8. I would like to disable a single block from the sidebar in mobile view. How is this possible please?
  9. change it how? There seems to be no consistency in how it is displayed each time I share something
  10. When I use the promote feature to promote articles to facebook they don't come out as intended. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Sometimes they are shared correctly like in this screenshot: However most of the time they end up being shared as an album instead, and I have to manually insert the link to the article: What am I doing wrong?
  11. How can I do these please? I would like to offer members the ability to have their own adsense code inserted into any articles they publish, hoping this will be a good way to encourage members to submit quality content.
  12. Thanks Ehren, working a treat now :)0
  13. All forums and groups selected. Running IPSfocus Dimension theme. I will try default theme to test. i can confirm it works in default theme Are you able to offer css suggestions or do I need to speak to Ehren?
  14. installed on 4.2. I see no option to ignore topics. I have selected all forums. Can't see anything I could have done wrong, its pretty simple!
  15. Please please does anyone have any idea what this is? I have been trying to get an answer from several locations including priority support. In the meantime my freshly converted vbulletin to IPS 4.2 forum has gone from 800 members logging in daily to 250. This page is being displayed directly after logging in. If you navigate from here you will find you are logged in anyway, trouble is a lot of users don't realise this and just click off the page and give up.
  16. Can you tell me what size I should resize them to so it looks normal in mobile view please?
  17. No I didn't resize them as I thought the software did it automatically...which it did for desktop view, just not mobile.
  18. Hi, I have just noticed I have this issue with category icons in mobile view
  19. As per title, is this possible?
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